Top 10 internet predictions for 2010

Bloody hell, 2009 went quickly didn’t it, must have been cutbacks caused by the recession.

But it wasn’t just the culmination of another year, it also marked the end of the first real online decade.

And talk about the rise of the machines, even if it wasn’t Skynet and the T1000, there’s a sometimes hostile computer in nearly every home now.

So Gawd knows what will happen over as many as the next 10 years, possibly it’ll be Google that takes over the World, but I can at least try to forecast what will happen this year.

It has to be said though, I haven’t tried very hard.

So in no particular order of probability, the only accuracy I will vouch for, I give you my Top 10 Internet Predictions for 2010

  1. Twitter and Facebook merge to become TwitFace. It could have been worse.
  2. In a focused promotional campaign for its search engine Bing, Microsoft target students with a variation called Bong and football managers with a secret edition called Bung.
  3. After Cliff Richard threatens to be Christmas Number No. 1, a huge internet campaign is launched in favour of The X Factor winner’s single.
  4. Apple sue the BBC over retrospective naming rights to iClaudius.
  5. Internet porn sites distinguish themselves by starting with xxx. instead of www.
  6. Online poll of UK pensioners reveals most believe Peter Kay invented the t’internet, and garlic bread.
  7. Computer pranksters release a virus that makes the Enter key sporadically emit a fart noise.
  8. The government identifies a new green initiative for Spam email, it must be printed off to be recycled.
  9. Firefox gains upper hand in the browser wars by replacing logo with a picture of Megan Fox in only a firemans helmet.
  10. Most viewed YouTube video, Charlie biting Susan Boyle’s finger.

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