Prostopleer – What’s the Russian for free music downloads?

You know what a sure sign of success on the net is, it’s when your name isn’t just a name anymore, it becomes a verb.

And we’ve certainly had that with Spotify when it comes to listening and building up a collection of free streaming music via the web.

It’s been great and still is. But once they realised that building our music libraries while they lost millions every month was not the best business model, things changed a bit. Because now with their free accounts limited to just 10 hours a month, the Spotify music gravytrain may not have come of the rails completely but we’ve definitely lost a carriage or two over the side.

So in that case, what else can we hitch our musical caboose to?

Well, there’s always We7. Not the service it used to be with its unlimited free requests for artists and songs (although you can still have 50 specific requests a month after you register), We7 has changed to an exclusively ‘Radio’ based format. And while I think it’s probably the best at that type of service, it does spoil the goodwill rather with just a few too many adverts.

And then there’s Grooveshark, the biggest free streaming music player available from the States. All request based I’m pleased to say with lots tracks and features although unfortunately there’s still no getting away from the ads. However once you get past a big advert on the front page, for something American it’s not too bad ad wise.

But if you prefer your free music players to be just about playing the free music without the big intrusive images, I have another option for you.

It’s called Prostopleer, it’s Russian and apart from Roman Abramovich’s millions if you’re a Chelsea fan like me, it might just be the best Russian export since Vodka.

Prostopleer logoBecause what you get is a very cool, very minimal but very slick streaming music service that makes it a doddle to search for your favorite songs. And should you take the few seconds necessary to register with Prostopleer you can then drag and drop them into any number of playlists you create. The quality of the music is great and while not everything is on there, I’ve found plenty of tracks that Spotify and We7 don’t have.

Mind you, that might have something to do with the way Prostopleer gets its music, since it allows its users to upload new tracks to it and for that matter download those songs as well….for free.

Now whether you do that is up to you, I’m just saying that it’s a feature over and above its entirely safe music streaming. But I did my due diligence before writing this, ok I Googled for half an hour, and I found no bad reviews for it at all, reviews I could read in English anyway. Look, I’m just trying to cover my arse here.

I will categorically tell you though that I’m using Prostopleer a lot. If you’ve previously focused on Spotify it’s a great unlimited music alternative. And don’t be put off if it displays in its native Russian when first loaded, down the bottom of the page there’s an option to quickly toggle the user friendly English version.

I still don’t know though what Prostopleer itself means, to me it sounds more like a cure for male prostate problems. What I do know is that you should definitely dip your finger in.

Go on, perform your own examination now at the Prostopleer website.


28 thoughts on “Prostopleer – What’s the Russian for free music downloads?

  1. Nice review, I didn’t know about We7, Grooveshark or Prostopleer but I’ve visited them all and came back to tell you I signed up with the lot.
    I’ve already downloaded a whole album with Prostopleer with no problem.

  2. You’re welcome Justin, I just hope that doesn’t mean some artist isn’t getting the royalties they might have done.
    Unless it was Lady Gaga, she doesn’t need the money and anyway she’d only spend it on more meat to wear.

  3. Hi there, I found you after Googling what happened to the Daily Show in the UK, or words to that effect and I want you to know that I really appreciate your fantastic output. Thanks, do you happen know what the code is to get UK restricted content in Canada by any chance?
    Oh and I must say, I am surprised that a seemingly intelligent man like you is a Chelsea fan…heh heh. Thanks again, COYS !

  4. I found Prostopleer by happy accident. I was searching for a 10CC song to “purchase-download”, couldn’t find it, so googled it & up popped Prostopleer. As you say, up to 15 free downloads per day & I have only been unable to find one tune I was looking for, 10/10!
    I also looked at i-mesh which I installed & found that it has taken over my PC. I uninstalled it but that was insufficient so reset the PC by 24hours, which worked, but I then had to “repair” i-tunes.
    I have recommended it to my music enthusiast friends, two of which are recording artists, who seem cool about free music – they seem to simply want a bigger audience.

  5. Hi Mathew.
    Thank you for the back up about Prostopleer.
    I really just use it as a streaming service rather than downloading the tracks but it would seem you’ve been indulging yourself with no problems at all.
    As for i-Mesh, that was one I wasn’t aware of but now we all know it’s one to ignore anyway.
    And I hope your recording artist friends do find a larger audience.
    For something that isn’t as well known as some, I thought that Prostopleer deserved a larger audience too.

  6. I also found Prostopleer by accident. It’s an excellent source for music. I haven’t had any viruses and that’s more than i can say for other sites.

  7. Thank you Morgan.
    Yes, I think Prostopleer is a happy accident waiting to happen to lots of people, that’s how I found it as well.
    No accident that we keep going back to it though, is it.

  8. I have been using prostopleer for quite a while before reading this article and I agree with everything you have said there, its a great site and I have recommended it to many of my friends who love it.

  9. Hi Sam,
    Thank you for the endorsement.
    Yes indeed, Prostopleer is the mutts nuts, I haven’t fired up Spotify for weeks because I’m always on the ‘pleer.
    And I know, as you might, that while officially it only gives you 15 tracks a day, in the same session you can play those tracks any number of times so really it can last for hours at a time.
    Me, I’m on an Adele binge at the moment.
    Time to go rolling in the deep again I think.

  10. I panic that Prostopleer isn’t legal and that I will get some bill about the songs I’ve gotten and be told downloading mp3 files from Prostopleer is against copyright issues….. No viruses or charge for songs which is fantastic…. But then nothing good comes for free right?

  11. I wouldn’t worry Liv,
    Some good things do come for free…it’s just a matter of how long they might last.
    And if ever the music biz does decide it doesn’t like the way Prostopleer operates they’ll go after them not you.
    I mean, you’ve only downloaded a few songs right?

  12. I started scanning the downloads using MS Security Essential and found that each MP3 was itemized as two files; I went into the details of “properties” and found that there was always a note that the file might be blocked to protect my computer (but it never actually is blocked); after deleting that note and closing “properties” the files is a single one. The security scan has never revealed any problem either way. My concern of course is whether there is some app included in the download that might eventually turn on with destructive result. Any comments anyone?

  13. Steve, I wouldn’t mind at all if somebody did actually come back with a proper reply for you, but a forum website this isn’t.
    And I certainly don’t have a definitive answer, but if it comes as two download files only one is simply a text note that certainly won’t hurt your computer, that just leaves the MP3.
    And if you run that through your anti-virus and it reveals nothing then I really don’t think there’s any cause for alarm.
    If in doubt though simply Google ‘is Prostopleer safe’ or something, (disregard no. 2 on the results which is me, hell I’m even no. 3 for just ‘Prostopleer’ which is insane)…but I digress, I just looked through the other search results and everything I read says it is still legitimate and it is safe.
    But if one day millions of computers all turn on by themselves, speak in robotic Russian and threaten to launch some nukes unless we comply, well, you were the first to warn us.

  14. 15 songs? I’ve been using Prostopleer even before I’ve read this article and in fact when I download songs from this site, I can complete several album in a day (when I have the chance) with only minutes to wait till I could resume downloading again.

  15. 15 songs! Yes, 15 songs. Not at the moment I grant you but there have been other times when 15 was/is the limit. And if I didn’t mention it I expect I’d be picked up on that as well. In the meantime Auru I’m as pleased that the restriction isn’t there as you are. We’ll maybe not, I’m not downloading all the albums you are.

    **17/05/13 Update**
    Well as it turns out we were both right Auru. I’ve since discovered Prostopleer removed the restrictions on its free account a few weeks ago. That’s ’cause they’ve dispensed with their paid premium service now, hence that original 15 song restriction in the first place.
    Anyway, go on, go download crazy.

  16. When using prostopleer on my pc with Windows xp the number of downloads was limited indeed, however when using my tablet/anroid there is no limit at all. I did not even have to download an app or anything. The site looks completely different however, but works just the same. One downer; at the moment the site is unavailable.

  17. Thanks Dave, that’s the mobile Twitter feed though, I may as well give the ‘normal’ Twitter account address as well.

    It’s fair to say though they are not the most prolific tweeters.

    But while we are on the subject of mobile, it didn’t occur to me at least for months to search for Prostopleer on my mobile device. Folks, it’s fantastic, even if it is only available in Russian on the log in but don’t be put off. It’s so parred down with only a few options and buttons that you quickly work it out and access all your the playlists which are in English.
    It’s especially good because previously I was thinking of going Spotify Premium for the mobile access but with all my playlists available on Prostopleer there’s no need.
    So Comrades, if you haven’t thought of mobilizing on Russia before, get your fingers marching immediately.

    And Dave, as we speak yes the site is down right now.
    Although I always know when that happens even when I don’t try to access Prostopleer myself. That’s cause this posts hits go sky high with all the people searching for why Prostopleer is down!
    Every cloud etc.

  18. Thanks Ainura, no I hadn’t figured that out yet.
    What do I do now though, now I gotta consider changing that whole final ‘prostate exam’ riff of my post.

  19. Well, to all of us who wondered where Prostopleer had gone these least few days, now we know, it’s gone to a new domain!
    Because I just got an email, which was probably sent to everyone who registered with their email address but seemed especially pertinent I should include it here.
    So below is the message I received but the bottom line is folks that nothing’s changed not even the name, except now you just have to go to

    Glenn, we want to keep you informed that Prostopleer has become even simpler: now we are http://WWW.PLEER.COM =>

    We have faced some problems with our old domain, so we are even unable to provide redirection from it to the new one, but we are doing our best to retain it.
    We have started active development of our project and introduced a lot of new features:

      Now you can import all music from Vkontakte in just a couple of clicks, including even the music that was taken away from you.
      Our service is now totally free of charge. There no premium accounts anymore. Everybody has full access to everything!
      Now you can listen to any radio online, directly from the main page.
      The main page now shows the weekly lists of the top tracks, and there will be even more different top lists soon.
      You can search for other people’s playlists and subscribe to them, which is quite convenient, as all the music has already been sorted for you by your favorite artists or genres.
      During the entire period of life of our service, we have never deleted a single track, so we are preserving everything for you.

    Our Android app is just about to be released, and it will be amazing. You will be able to get your music synched and to download all your playlists with a single click. There will be lots of other features as well. The app will become one of the best of its kind!

  20. Many thanks Glenn…you are a life saver. Because of your post I am smiling now.
    I finally open the new site now..
    Cheers to all pleermates..

  21. Hi Tungkelts.
    Sorry, I realise your posted your appreciation a couple of days ago, alas you got caught in the inbuilt spam filter for some reason. (I just wish more real spam was)
    Nevertheless thank you and I reckon we’re all smiling because we’ve got our Prostopleer back.

  22. Hi, can anybody help me. For some reason I can’t download music anymore from Prostopleer website. I can download their choice of music but not my own choice. I am using ie9 and this this problem has started only recently. Before, I could download any music of my choice that was available. I’d be grateful if anyone could please advise me regarding this problem. Thanks.

  23. That is weird.
    I mean, if your problem wasn’t baffling enough, the fact you’re using still IE as your browser is totally bloody mystifying!
    Have you downloaded Chrome or Firefox yet, quite apart that they are far the better browsers for everything, it’s worth doing so to see if fixes your glitch.
    And if it doesn’t, at least you can stop using bleedin’ IE!!

  24. I have used this prosto pleer for about 5years, enjoyed streaming and download many kind songs.
    Just 2 month ago I have no trouble to down my favorit songs throught pleer.

    But now that pleer app did’nt give me any song.
    Only continually loadong for about 10-30minutes.
    And songs in my playlist can’t play, only loading endlessly.
    Do you know is there any problem in pleer site?
    4years ago Grooveshark has been blocked in South Korea because Grooveshark commited an infringement copywright.
    So, our Koresn people ecess to Grooveshark.
    Instead of Grooveshark I have used prosto pleer.
    But that site didn’t present or play any song, only loading.
    Do you hear any information about relative problem?

  25. Hi Susan,
    Sorry it’s taken a week to reply but there is a reason for that…I was in South Korea!!!
    Honestly, really, truly, I was there for a two week holiday. I was in Seoul, Gyeongju and Busan and I loved it! Wonderful country, amazing cities, fascinating culture and lovely people.
    And not that it’s any consolation, but now I’m back I can confirm that South Korea isn’t the only one without Prostopleer, it’s not working in Britain either. Well, I say not working, the whole website is down behind an Error 502 warning so it’s just not there at all.
    It’s been plagued with a few outages before so I’m not panicking yet but I’m afraid that’s the only hope I can offer.

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