How to watch ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ in the UK.

READ THIS – LATEST VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE 2nd Dec 2015 Well I suppose it to happen eventually. Comedy Central got wise to, or more likely finally got around to stopping, the ingenious little video unblocking workaround that I detail in the post below. And lo there was much lamentation and speaking of naughty words. But just when all seemed lost there came a man, and it wasn’t me this time, who informed of a new easy way of watching The Daily Show. His name is Archbishop Shaggy and he posted a comment down below on the 2nd December 2015, with a follow-up from this humble scribe explaining in just a little bit more detail, on how you might once more resume your TDS viewing. So read my post if you wish (I just have and God, it seems dated now but it was written in 2011) but really the way to go now I believe is detailed in the comments below on 2nd December.

Update Oct 2015: Ok, so obviously things have changed since I first wrote this post back in 2011, namely the host of The Daily Show, hence a name swap in the title. But the method still works exactly the same and so read on, follow the simple instructions and enjoy the show still.
Although I fear just not quite as much as you would with the old host.

Ok folks this one is not like other posts, it’s very personal, is aimed very specifically at a particular group of people and if you don’t even know what a ‘Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ is then frankly you need not read any further, this one will not concern you.

For those it does however, this may be the most important post I will ever write.

Because this one is written in the fond hope you found me by Googling something like the title above. This one is because I desperately did the very same thing and eventually found the priceless information I’m going to share. And this one is because like me you love watching ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ and can’t anymore because More4 have f***ing cancelled it!

(*I wrote this in Jan 2011 when it had just happened remember, obviously we have Comedy Central UK to thank for returning Jon back to us since) (And they’re not showing it either now!)

God knows it was bad enough when FX canceled ‘The Colbert Report’, but this, this was like getting shot in the face by Dick Cheney.

Of course it wouldn’t matter so much if you could just watch them on Comedy Central’s own websites. Trouble is, as I’m sure you’ve already discovered, that none of the lovely videos play once they realise that you’re not visiting from the U.S.

Well, they won’t…unless you make ’em think you are visiting from the U.S.

And it turns out that you don’t need expensive kit or some dodgy download, you just need to use Firefox as your browser (and you ought to anyway, it’s waaaay better than Internet Explorer, click here to get it), install a single legitimate Firefox add-on and follow these simple instructions that probably even most ‘Fox News’ presenters could manage.

(Breaking news – 18/6/12. It used to be that you had to use Firefox for this type of workaround but now there’s a very similar method for Google Chrome. So if you are an ardent Chrome user, still scan the instructions here to get the gist, but then look down to my comment dated June 18 2012.)

  1. So assuming you already have Firefox and have it open, go to and install an add-on called Modify Headers.
  2. Firefox will now ask to restart, let it and once it has, look to the top menu bar and go to Tools -> Web Developer -> Modify Headers.(OR, if you’re on a PC and running the newer Firefox that doesn’t show the menu bar by default, go to the orange Firefox tab on the top left -> Web Developer -> Modify Headers)
  3. Either way, a separate smaller window will open and you’ll see towards the upper left a ‘Select Action’ dropdown box, click it and choose ‘Add’.
  4. You’ll also see 3 input boxes, in the first after ‘Add’ enter “X-Forwarded-For” without the quotation marks.
  5. In the second box enter “” without the quotation marks. No spaces and no full stop after the 15.
  6. Leave the third box empty and click the other button with ‘Add’ to the right of it.
  7. Ok, so now you have created the clever little filter you need, confirmed in the space below along with a green circle, all that’s left is to click that funny looking smiley face in the top left that says ‘Start’.
  8. And that’s it, you’re all done, give yourself an Emmy.
  9. Next for the best bit, head directly to The Daily Show or ColbertNation websites, giggle with happiness and emit shouts of whooooooo like you’re in the audience when the videos come on.

How the magic works I don’t fully know and I don’t really care. I know that it hides your IP address behind a proxy one so that your real geographical location is disguised, and even if it does sometimes interfere with video on other sites, I also know that all I have to do is go back to the Modify Headers interface and disable it temporarily. No, bugger all that, all I actually care about is that I can watch Jon Stewart AND Stephen Colbert again. Hallowed be their names.

So if this works for you, and it really should, you’ll now share my overwhelming sense of relief, but it can’t end there.

Nation, we have to rally to restore the sanity for every hero. Go forth and spread the word about this on Facebook, Twitter, forum websites or on toilet walls even. Or perhaps leave a simple grateful comment on here confirming that it works.

And let it be a moment of zen to those assholes at More4 who made us do this.


(I really have to give a tip of my hat to someone called Saiftk on Reddit Canada. His is the original information I’ve adapted and while those details are a bit out of date now, it was the means that has made me and hopefully many others very happy.)



571 thoughts on “How to watch ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ in the UK.

  1. I tried it but I can’t get it to work. It still keeps saying the shows are blocked in my country. I’m trying! Help!

  2. Never mind, I got it to work! I was putting commas instead of periods between the numbers! I will be sure to share this far and wide! Thank you. Someone on the Huffington Post gave it to me when I was moaning that I couldn’t watch it any more.

  3. Are you saying someone from the Huffington Post gave you my blog details. The Huffington Post!!
    Bloody hell, now if only THEY would put a link back to me on my site.
    But thank you Sophia for letting me know and for confirming that it really does work as advertised. Cut and paste next time.

  4. It was one of the regular posters there—they responded to one of my comments. They posted the link to your blog.

    Yup cut and past next time! I posted the link to your blog on my facebook page as well. I’m so glad it works. Off to watch it now!

  5. Brilliant instructions! Thanks! Everything works perfectly.

    One small change you might like to add to your instructions. The Configuration button is now the 2nd tab at the top (Options).

    One of my friends got stuck because the Configuration button wasn’t there.

  6. Francis, you’re a good man, I’m really grateful for the heads up.

    It was all correct 6 days ago when I posted but I remember now there being an automatic update to Modify Headers in the meantime. The change must have happened then, but I’ll know to check it whenever they update again.

    Everybody, I’ve amended the instructions and everything is definitely back up to date.

    Francis, you’ve done the Nation, and especially me, a great service.

  7. Hi,
    You might not believe me when I say this but YOU are a God!
    I have never said that to anyone on the internet.
    I’ve been missing The Daily Show since they went off air and tried all sorts of proxy bypass servers to no avail but with a few config changes you got me access without installing dodgy 3rd party software.
    Peace Brother.

  8. And peace upon you too Ben, but he told me to tell you there is only one God and he loves us all.
    Except for those sinners at More4 of course.
    After all did He not say ‘Give us this day our Daily Show’
    Nothing about a “Global Edition” being satisfactory, oh no.

  9. Did anyone watch Channel 4’s version of the Daily Show last night–okay their own substitute that they’re spending their dosh on instead of buying versions of the Daily Show.

    I watched it, sadly, and gave C4 the viewership. Not anywhere near as good and a waste of dosh.

    Thank goodness for these instructions so I can watch the real thing online! Thanks again Glenn!

  10. Ah hello again Sophia, welcome back.
    Yes, I too watched a bit of the 10 O’Clock show. A pale, pale imitation of the Daily Show and I refer not only to Lauren Laverne’s complexion. Now I know as fans of TDS we don’t really want to like this new show on principle alone, but after a short time and some lame jokes about Sarah Palin I personally had more than enough evidence to reinforce my opinion. So instead I turned off my TV to turn on my PC and watched Jon and Stephen show how it really should be done.
    Incidentally since we’re talking generally, I want to recommend to you and everyone a free weekly podcast on iTunes which stars our own…and surely the finest current TDS correspondent, John Oliver.
    It’s called ‘The Bugle – An Audio Newspaper for a Visual World’ and it’s him and a comedian mate called Andy Zaltzman with a mostly unscripted but very Daily Show’esque review of the weeks news from a more British perspective, and it’s bloody hilarious. Unlike the 10 O’Clock Show.
    Honestly, I urge you to give it a listen, it’s become essential listening to me like The Daily Show is essential viewing. Get it from the link below.

  11. Hello Glenn,

    From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU.

    Sophia left your link (several times) on the Huffington Post, for the benefit of those of us who were suffering withdrawal symptoms, from our “Daily” fix.

    I have NO IDEA how anything works (computer wise) but, even I, was able to follow your, very clear, instructions.

    I can see Jon Stewart!!!!!!

    You are a gentleman, Glenn!

    Now, all I have to do is get some speakers (????) for my laptop, so I can hear Jon’s dulcet tones – without having to hold the laptop up to my good ear!

  12. Hi Virginia,
    Ah, bless you for your heartfelt thank you. I barely deserve it because I only embellished somebody else’s instructions but of course, since I’m a gentleman, I never argue with a lady.
    And yes, I think you should invest in some speakers.
    I can see how watching a laptop while simultaneously holding the damned thing to your ear could well impair the experience. Not to mention your neck muscles.

  13. Thanks, for the advice. However, annoyingly while the website isn’t accusing me of being from the UK, which is a good start, the video screen stays blank and doesn’t load…is this a problem with the filter, or could it just be an issue with my laptop or internet provider?

  14. Hi Jonny,
    I’m sorry mate, I have no idea why you’re having a problem,
    I only passed on the instructions you see, I didn’t work all this out myself.
    But I’ve just used a virgin copy of Firefox, followed the same instructions once more and the videos turned on instantly again.
    So who knows if you’re laptop or internet provider is causing your woes…I can’t think why they should, I can only suggest updating to the very latest edition of Firefox and making sure you follow the instructions dead on. And then let us know if it works.

    **** UPDATE****

    Jonny, if you’re still there, or for any other unfortunates who’ve followed the instructions but are still finding the vidoes blocked, I might have found the reason. Your edition of Firefox may be stuck in what’s called ‘Safe Mode’.
    If that’s the case it disables every single add-on and so Modify Headers won’t work until you take Firefox out of Safe Mode…which thankfully isn’t too difficult. I’ve actually written a piece about it on a Facebook page set up about The Daily Show so follow this link to that, find my bit, it shouldn’t be hard it’s big enough, and follow the instructions there.

  15. Everything worked great until the 7th Feb. Every time I logon I get the 7th Feb episode but I cannot get anything after that date??

  16. Peter my friend, do not panic, everything is ok, they’ve just been on holiday since then.
    Try again after Mondays episode, I rather think your problem will be solved.
    Otherwise we can all start panicking.

  17. Hi Guys and Gals,

    I’m very new here, and I have been trying all kinds of ways to be able to watch my beloved Daily Show. I’ve done all the Firefox things as you guys instructed, and still I cant watch it.

    I can’t find the configure tab anywhere on the tools menu, and ask you all if you can help, as I’m desperate to watch my fix of John Stewart, the Global Edition just dosnt cut it.



  18. btw, Im running Firefox version 3.6.13 and I cant see the configuartation tab on the modified headers, This is bloody annoying, as ive been on it now for about 3 hours.

    Help me please.

  19. Hi Dean,
    Don’t worry, help is at hand.
    Your problem is that I think your actually using the ‘wrong instructions’, or at least the ‘old instructions’.
    Because I think you’re following the instructions that they used of mine on the Bleeding Cool news blog, which were totally correct then but ain’t now.
    See, Modify Headers has since updated itself and they’ve rejigged the interface (it was you saying about the configuration button that’s tipped me off to your woes, there isn’t one anymore)
    And while I can’t do anything about what’s on the BC blog, of course I have changed my own instructions to suit.
    So follow my bang up to date instructions, shout Hallelujah, and then come back and tell us you’re ok now.

  20. Glenn,


    May I say a big thank you to you my friend. You have restored sanity by enabling me to watch The Daily Show. Just now, I have about 7 weeks of them to catch up with. So if your ever down in South London and fancy a catch up over a beer and a smoke then email me.

    Thanks again.

  21. Wow, you really have missed it haven’t you.
    Anyway, you’re very welcome Dean and thanks for the offer of a drink but with 7 weeks of Daily Shows to watch, I reckon your social life is about to be put on hold for a while.
    Totally worth it though.
    Have fun mate.

  22. You are a saint. A SAINT!
    I’ve been tearing my hair out because I have been missing Jon’s take on the Wisconsin protests. Sure enough, I went a-googling to solve my problem and found your incredibly helpful instructions.

    I made a mistake entering the details the first time (I put a period after the last digit) but sorted that out quickly enough. I am delighted!

    Now, how can I get the block off Hulu???

  23. Hello Cheesehead!
    A Saint eh. I like that.
    St. Glenn…and there can’t be many of them, the patron saint of lost Daily Show watchers, leading them unto the promised land of an unblocked Comedy Central website.
    Mind you, to get canonised you have to be dead so perhaps sainthood can wait.
    As for Hulu, give it up my friend. They use a system far more sophisticated to block their videos but as long as Comedy Central don’t follow suit, that’s personally all I care about.

  24. Glenn, you are a star, and you have reclaimed the name of “Glenn” from the evil Beck.

    You are truly worthy.

  25. Lawrence, you have uncovered my secret shame.
    Not that I have much to do with it and if I’d have born a girl my parents told me I would have been a Glenda.
    Thank God I did come out with testicles then.
    As for Glenn Beck, personally I suspect he must be as smooth as a Ken doll down there, it would explain a lot.

  26. Brilliant!

    Since More4 canned it I’ve been able to get the Daily Show from torrent sites, but now I don’t even need to do that.

    Many thanks Glenn.

  27. My pleasure Martin.
    Thankfully I never had to resort to torrenting, but I make no judgement mate, desperate times and all that. It just demonstrates how much you missed the show.

  28. It works, it works, I’ve got my Daily Show back!!!
    Thank you, I’ve tried other instructions for Modify Headers but got nowhere, yours is the only site I’ve found where they are up to date and easy to follow.
    Top bloke.

  29. Hi everybody,
    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to add a comment about this particular post.
    And because you have added your own wording full of keyword rich references to the Daily Show and Jon Stewart…plus the much appreciated work of those who linked to this page from other websites, this humble little blog is now showing up on the front page of Google for practically all the various search terms for The Daily Show and UK.
    I thought I’d be getting a handful of visitors but as it turns out I’ve had thousands and I know hundreds will be watching their daily Daily Show because of how popular this post has proved, and I’m just really pleased and thankful for it.
    Of course I’m even more pleased and thankful that Comedy Central seem to have fixed their crappy and jumpy video players at last.
    Think how I felt, you write an article directing folks to surreptitiously watch the Daily Show but then for a while, the videos skipped so much they were practically unwatchable.
    Only not so unwatchable as the regular show is on More4 eh.
    Power to the people!

  30. Thanks to you, I’ve got my JStew back… I don’t think there are words enough to express my gratitude. Life in England is a little more bearable now!

  31. My pleasure Jennifer, the fact you left your words at all is more than enough gratitude for my purposes.
    But what’s wrong with England? There’s bound to be another Royal Weddding sooner or later.

  32. Glenn – yet another note to thank you for helping us have our daily fix. How ridiculous to even have to do this, and how narrow minded of Ch4 to deny us.

  33. My pleasure Jason, and I agree, since they took off our beloved Daily Show I’ve refused to have anything to do with Channel 4.
    Well, at least until the new series of The Big Bang Theory comes on.
    You can’t hold a grudge forever can ya.

  34. OMG, I love you too! I have been in serious withdrawal for months! IT WORKS!! Thank you!!

  35. I can watch Saturday Night Live as well now on, first time ever! Glenn, you have made this ex-pat very, very happy!! You rule!

  36. Ladies, ladies, please, calm yourselves, I’m a married man.
    And anyway you probably live miles away from me.
    But Lyn, it’s intriguing what you say about SNL.
    Out of interest I looked myself to see if Modify Headers worked on the NBC site and the videos think about coming on, with the animated logo, but then stop playing.
    Still if it works for you that’s great.
    Oh, and by the way I live in Northampton, and the wife is out every Tuesday.

  37. Seriously, you sir a LEGEND! I’ve been getting my episodes via i-Tunes ever since More4 & FX ballsed up with the non-airing of the Stewart & Colbert shows respectively, but discovered this page has certainly made my day\week\month. Thank You!!! 🙂

  38. iTunes! At £1.89 an episode!! For months!!!!
    No sir, it is you who are a legend. That there is some serious dedication and I’m pleased I could save you so much money.
    That’ll be 12 Guineas please.

  39. This has literally saved my sanity! Thank you sooooo much. Finally a thread and web instructions that actually work! You really came through for the legions of DS fans out here. A modern-day hero!!

  40. Thanx for the humour.
    And to think that the humour could be secondary to the good you’ve done for those benighted fellows who formerly could not watch The Daily Show with John Stewart, Blessed the Name of Our Prophet; and Monsewer Colbert, for whom there can be no blessing for, indeed, he is only on loan to our plane of life.

  41. I still can’t get it to work, it still thinks I am from the UK. I followed all of the steps but it didn’t work. What should I do?

  42. Hi Ben,
    Without what you’re doing specifically I don’t know what’s going wrong. If you’re following my instructions to the letter it really should work every time, as per all the other satisfied customers. Come back to it fresh, try again and I’ve got my fingers crossed for you that it works.

  43. Ben, next time you follow instructions I recommend cutting and pasting. I’m pleased you’re alright now though.

  44. Hi there
    Great stuff!
    Does anyone know if doing this will work in reverse – like if we do what you describe above and then go and live in Canada, would we be able to watch stuff say from say the BBC?? Thanks

  45. Hi Tango,
    Mmm, I wish I could be more positive for you but I really doubt it works that way. After all you’re fooling an American site that you’re in America. If you’re in Canada you’ve got to fool the BBC that you’re in the UK and that would surely be a different filter code at least.
    And frankly I’m certain by now that Comedy Central have to know about this workaround, c’mon they can Google too, but some sympathetic types are letting us get away with it anyway.
    It doesn’t work for the big networks and I can’t see it working on the Beeb either.
    If however someone knows something I don’t, I hope they can let us all know.

  46. Thanks to you I (UK-based) am able to watch one of Jon Stewarts finest comedic moments – where he takes Donald Trump to task over some of the finer points of NY pizza eating etiquette on last nights’ show

    You sir, are a wizard, many thanks for your generosity. Expect a few more hits today.

  47. You’re welcome Frank and by all means send everyone you can.
    But I’ve seen last nights show too and it may be best to forewarn them not to watch while eating pizza themselves.
    They’ll either choke or there’ll be bits of cheese and peperami sprayed all over their monitor.
    Because while last nights was one of the best opening segments ever, (and anyone who hasn’t seen it can click this link to the clip), if you’ve been missing the show for months then THE DAILY SHOW EPISODE YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH!!! is the one after Glenn Beck announces he is leaving Fox News.
    That bold text above is a link to the first video on that day…it’s old, 7th April so you can’t see it as a complete episode anymore, but watch all 3 related videos and for God’s sake, for your own safety and the equipment around you, don’t be eating anything while you do.

  48. Thank you for this – have been looking for ages for ways to watch Jon Stewart and Colbert Report from UK – now I can – brilliant.

  49. Amazing! I think I love you man!
    I was going through a very serious withdrawal syndrome since I moved to the UK a few months ago… I’m all better now!

  50. Oh I do like the thought of that, freeing the World of its Daily Show withdrawal symptoms, one blog hit at a time.
    But Joao and Tiago, I’m pleased I could at least help with yours.
    Thank you for the thank you’s.

  51. Thank you for this! I am leaving the link on Twitter. Good to have Jon back in my life. One thing though, the ‘Always on’ bit – there is no OK button after that. Still, it works!

  52. Ah then I know you must have a Mac in that case Clare. There is no OK button on the Mac Modify Headers but there is on the Windows version.
    I know you Mac folk are savvy enough to work out the tiny differences on your own.
    But thank you very much for Tweeting about me.
    Spreading the word to as many as possible is what it’s all about, whatever computer they use.

  53. I’ve got to tell you about this.
    You see these WordPress blogs are great, they’re easy to use and provide all sorts of information on what posts are being read and even the full keyword phrases that people use to find you.
    And most of them for this article are unremarkable variations of Daily Show, Jon Stewart and UK, just what you’d expect.
    However this next one I repeat verbatim, and I can tell you it made me spit out my beverage.

    ‘sometimes i just want to watch the daily show without him entering me’

    What!! Is there some woman who believes an ethereal Jon Stewart is a sex pest. Or, the woman who exchanged texts with Anthony Weiner about watching the Daily Show while he’s getting sweaty behind her, what if it was her reaching out for help.
    However, just as I was getting excited about the prospect of either, I Googled that phrase myself and I find it’s only a damn quote from the new film Bridesmaids and not the breaking scandal that I was hoping for.
    (Why didn’t they feature that though when Kristen Wiig was on the show plugging the movie?)
    Anyway, the mere fact that I’m on page 1 of Google for such a phrase, well it makes me one very proud blogger. I think.

  54. Oh er, my wife reads this, I hope she doesn’t get the wrong idea.
    But you’re welcome Sarah…and I love you too Snugglebunny. x

  55. Hi Glenn,

    I seem to be the odd one out that its not working for. I followed your instructions down the T but I still get the same old message when I log onto the Daily Show Website. Do I need to update my Firefox browser or anything like that?

  56. Sorry, I take it back, I didn’t install the modifier properly.

    After 3 years of separation me and TDS have been reunited.

    Thank you Glenn.

  57. Ah, Squib/Soaspirit,
    I feel for you, 3 years of frustration and perhaps the most excruciating time of all were those final minutes shouting at your monitor ‘WHY WONT THIS F**KER WORK!!!
    Glad you sorted it and welcome back to the fold.

  58. Bless you Pilot.
    I could say it’s a pleasure to shower my blessing upon you all, but perhaps that might be misconstrued.

  59. Dude, I had already found this solution for myself (I think through the same Canadian guy you did) but recently I needed to explain it to a dear friend who was missing the party. I searched the obvious and found your page. Deep, deep joy.

    Well done sir.

  60. I know, it’s good isn’t it.
    Thanks to various nice people linking here, even with a search term like ‘Daily Show UK’ or ‘Jon Stewart UK’ this humble little blog post is sat right there on page 1 of Google.
    The fact that Channel 4 is still at the very top for those phrases is a bloody travesty though.
    Googling ‘shortsighted penny pinching morons’ that’s where they should be top.

  61. Hi there, I found you after Googling “what happened to the Daily Show in the UK”, or words to that effect and I want you to know that I really appreciate your fantastic output. Thanks, do you happen know what the code is to get UK restricted content in Canada by any chance?
    Oh and I must say, I am surprised that a seemingly intelligent man like you is a Chelsea fan…heh heh. Thanks again, COYS !
    (thought i had better put it on the corresponding board too)

  62. Hi Glenn I’m back again, have just noticed that you had already posted a link …reddit…that covers the CA question.
    Thanks again, Roger

  63. Hi 39er,
    So where do you live, Canada or England?
    I guess it’s Canada really isn’t it, you just wish you were English don’t you. Boom, that’s what you get for a sideways swipe at my beloved Chelsea, Hockey boy.
    *Cough* Anyway as for watching UK content from Canada I think you’re going to be out of luck with this method, This is the filter to make them think your American so in effect you’d still be blocked.
    Shame really, you could have watched Chelsea on Match of the Day win the Premiership this coming season.

  64. Hi Glen,
    The interest I have in CA is on behalf of my beloved Spurs supporting son, I live in London, (not far from the second hand fridge!) and Ive got a bet on at 50-1 that says the mighty Hotspur will win the league. I don’t understand Chelsea hysteria at all (however I must admit I have a grandson with the ailment)

  65. My apologies Roger, I thought you must have been Canadian.
    But I feel for you if you think Spurs have a chance of winning the league.
    Not without Modric you won’t…he’ll probably be playing for us when we win it.

  66. Thanks Glenn,
    Modric (or rat boy as we are fondly referring to him these days) would suit your team very well, especially as your Russian sugar daddy would have to part with getting on for 40 mill for his services, I don’t think he’s crucial to us, not now that he’s been corrupted by greed.
    I’m probably a bit old fashioned, but I still believe in team spirit that is based on loyalty to the badge rather than money worship. Modders will regret his disloyalty when we are playing in the Champions league 2012/13, We will see where we all are at Christmas eh!
    I will always love you Glenn, for helping me to get my regular fix of Jon Stewart tho.
    I like the look of your website building operation, It’s very good! I guess you are probably fairly cool, at least you don’t support A****al

  67. Bless you Roger, if you ever need a website yourself you know where to come.
    And I’m glad I could help you out with watching The Daily Show but if we keep swapping comments like this I may have to start a blog just about Football.

  68. Greetings, just found you guys but my joy was short lived. Can’t get this to work for luv or money, followed instructions to the letter. Any ideas…?????
    Is it compatible with FF5..??????

  69. Hi Sam,
    It’s hard to have any idea when I can’t see the end result and what you’re doing.
    It certainly works with Firefox 5, it works in any version if you’re following the instructions correctly, it just does.
    What I’ve done though is sent you an email to the address supplied when you left the comment, I’ve given some suggestions there and you have my email to reply to.
    Let’s see if we can sort you out.

  70. Credit where credits due. After posting a comment I couldn’t get the Modifier to work, many thanks Glenn for your prompt reply, 1 or 2 exchanges of emails & now all’s well. Very much appreciated.
    Which just leaves me to echo everyone else’s comments & then some. Thank you for the heads-up.

  71. Woohooooo!!! I just watched a whole week’s worth of episodes (bliss!) and had to come back to add my thanks to the growing list. Glenn, if only I’d found you earlier.. since More4 made their inexplicable decision, I’ve been buying episodes on iTunes – 86 episodes at a cost of £160+! Luckily, iTunes messed up this week by missing out two episodes, leading me to search for alternatives to get my fix. I will now go forth and spread the word to our fellow addicts. Thanks again!

  72. Doris, what a comment, thank you.
    Fittingly you were comment number 100 on here and what better a way to get to the ton than from someone who will now save a ton.
    And I’m as chuffed as you are that you found me, ok well maybe not quite as much obviously, but the fact that I could help such a committed fan as yourself fair gladdens my heart.
    You’re very welcome.

  73. Brilliant, thanks so much Glenn, sanity restored. I even forgive you being a Blue.
    I hate to be greedy but does anyone know how to get TDS on an iPad?

  74. It’s ok Paul you can be greedy and you’ve been reading around haven’t you. But as for your iPad conundrum, since you probably mean a way of watching TDS on it for free and not paying £1.89 per show on iTunes, I think you’re out of luck mate. Because even when/if there is a Firefox for iOS it wouldn’t be so full featured to support an add-on like Modify Headers anyway.
    So them iPads are rubbish really aren’t they, but I’ll tell you what, I will give you a tenner for it. C’mon, I have just restored your sanity after all.
    Ah, I think I’ve just spotted the flaw here.

  75. It does work on a Mac James.
    Obviously I don’t know what your doing that end, but try it again mate.
    These instructions work every single time as long as you get them right so persevere and you will sort it out.

  76. Thanks for the info. I’m still having trouble though. I installed the newest version of firefox and checked for the safe-mode in properties. There wasn’t “safe-mode” anywhere in the target, but the filename did include “(x86).

    Is there something I’m missing? I know your not the computer expert, but you do seem to have all the answers.

    Missing my Stewart (and my Broncos!)… In Bristol

  77. Hi Suzanne.
    Thank you, actually I only have the answers because I put in the research trying to work out why other folk are having trouble.
    But if you have the very latest Firefox, which as I write is 6.0.2 then it definitely works, mind you every version does anyway.
    And I doubt you’ve inadvertently switched to safe mode either, so it’s not that.
    The x86 refers to the download of the 32bit version of Firefox which is the typical home computer anyway, it would be x64 for a 64bit machine.
    So I dunno.
    You can try uninstalling Modify Headers and then reinstall it, perhaps that got corrupted somehow.
    Or, and I’m not saying this is you…but almost every time someone says it’s not working, it turns out they haven’t followed the instructions quite right.
    Actually I hope it is that easy and you just missed something there.
    Just like you’re missing Stewart and your Broncos, bless you.

  78. Glenn –
    I tried everything and still no luck. However, not to worry, I found another option. People can try Hotspot Shield in the UK – and Expat Shield in the US (to get UK programing). I found out about it from an Ex-Pat in the US and downloaded (free) Hotspot and watched all of my US programs. I could even access programs that were on Xfinity (cable service).
    Thanks for the help and hope – I’ve got my Stewart – and my Broncos now.

  79. Thanks Suzanne, actually I do know about Hotspot Shield.
    I came across it when I was looking for my own way to watch The Daily Show immediately after More4 ditched it, only when I looked into it I saw this review on CNET…

    “Overall, we can’t give Hotspot Shield a strong recommendation, but as a last resort it might be worth trying out.”

    Some other stuff I read about it put me off as well but that’s when I joyfully discovered Modify Headers and I do only want it for TDS and TCR anyway.
    However if anybody else needs an alternative to Modify Headers to watch The Daily Show, at least they do know about this other option now.
    So, here is a link to the CNET page you could download it from if you wished…
    I would make sure I read the reviews about it first though. And if they do make you a bit wary like they did me, there are plenty of paid VPN companies you can use, which is the same as how Hotspot Shield works. VPN Geek have some good write-ups and when 20 hours of service a month costs about £2.25, that’s a cost I don’t mind bearing. And if Comedy Central do ever pull the plug on Modify Headers, this is the route I’ll be going.

  80. I’m living in Ireland and initially came across the solution to this problem in of all places – the Comedy Central forum!

    However, my pooter died and the forum thread was long gone. I needed Jon Stewart and so I Googled again and found your blog. It worked a treat.

    I’m laughing because I think it was me that gave Sophia (upthread at the start) the instructions at the Huffington Post way back when.

    Anyway, I have a friend in Oz that needs these instructions. I have passed them on (this time with a link).

    Thank you so much, and if you find yourself stranded in Dublin…the beer is on me.

  81. Ah Irishgirl, what a nice comment, thank you.
    But if am ever stranded in Dublin it will be because I have had a drink with you and the wife’s buggered back home with the Ryanair tickets.
    Actually that might well be worth it.

  82. Dude! Great way to go pass it!! well done for it and sharing… you should give yourself an Emmy!! can enjoy it now on the daily show web.. haha!


  83. Actually I did have an Emmy once.
    Lovely girl, fantastic Golden Globes.
    Left me for someone called Oscar, but you BAFTA laugh don’t ya…as my Grammy used to say.

  84. There’s nothing I can really add to the reams of gushing and, frankly, richly deserved praise. Thank-you so much for posting this, it’s been so long since I had a fix, and now I’m watching again!

    I’ve gotta go now, I’ve got an episode cued up and ready to go. Because you’re a legend.

  85. And you Animal, you’re a gentleman for leaving such a comment.
    Well I’m assuming you’re a fella, I haven’t met a woman yet who’d say she’s an animal.
    Ah, I tell a lie…what a night that was!

  86. Wow. Well, I tried that, followed it to the letter. Didn’t work. So, being extremely technically minded, I did what anyone would do; tried again using the same process. And bang, it worked! Yay. So I guess if it doesn’t work first time, delete the stage in the add on and do it all again? Thanks so much!

  87. Stephen, y’know I’ve read your ‘delete the stage in the add-on’ bit many times…and I still can’t work out what you mean.
    Pleased to know it doesn’t matter though, it worked!
    And you’re very welcome.

  88. Help please!
    it doesn’t work. I’m using firefox 7.0.1 and all I get on daily show site is a text saying Adobe Flash Player where the video should be. I am using adobe flash player 11.

    I’ve read the comments above and have tried to uninstall and reinstall the add-on.

    thanks for any response


  89. Hi Pete,
    It does work, alas it’s just not working for you, which I realize is not much consolation.
    But I also update with every new version of Firefox and Flash and I’m using FF 7.0.1 and Flash 11 the same as you, and it’s still working fine just as it always has.
    I did go to Tools > Add-Ons > Plugins and disabled Flash to perhaps see what you’re seeing, so are you absolutely sure you have your own Flash enabled and not turned off inadvertently.
    And make sure you have Javascript enabled as well
    Other that than Pete I don’t know what to suggest, your problem is a new one.
    I can only suggest keep trying stuff and let us know if you get it sorted.

  90. Err kept the faith…and it works!!! I don’t normally use Firefox so I loaded Flash for Firefox and then reloaded the Modify Headers bit and then I went back to the 7th April and laughed my ass off at the Beckster!

    Many thanks glenn.

    You are a gent.

  91. Excellent Pete, I thought if you kept twiddling with stuff it would happen.
    At least the upside of your woes was that amongst the comments you previously scoured for answers, you saw my one referring to the Glenn Beck leaving episode. Brilliant isn’t it.
    For anybody else who’s intrigued, go to this link and watch this and the other episode clips from April 7th.
    If you’re anything like me, the tears will be rolling down your trouser leg.

  92. you sir are a god among men! worked like a charm and will be back to read this thread later but for now its time for la jon.
    thanks mate

  93. That’s me, bestriding this World like a Daily Show giving Colossus…taking a huge dump on More 4’s viewing figures for the Global Edition.
    You’re welcome Gary, and come back anytime.

  94. Sorry Sam, even Dynamo doesn’t have a trick to make TDS appear on an iPad. Well, unless he bought them on iTunes and that wouldn’t be much of a trick would it.

  95. Sorry Gary, I think it’s just you.
    It’s certainly working on my Windows laptop and Mac.
    You can look into the Modify Headers interface again, make sure it’s still enabled and maybe enter the details a second time.
    Failing that, try uninstalling it and starting again, you know it doesn’t take long to do.
    Or, it might just be a temporary glitch.
    But I do think, with a bit of tweaking, you will be able to sort it.
    It worked before after all.

  96. help, i did a seemingly important update for firefox, but now my changes seem to have gone, ive tried repeating the process but cant get the modify headers add-on to work on the new updated firefox. any suggestions glenn?

  97. Hi Richard,
    Sorry mate, for a few days I’m not even in a position to see if it works for me when I update Firefox, but it’s never been screwed up by any update before.
    And whenever you do update, Firefox always warns you if any add-on won’t work if you do download that update,
    So I can’t help as yet, I’ll have a look in a few days but I suspect it’s something gone wonky on your machine, rather than generally, else I suspect there would have been a lot more comments here like yours.
    Keep fiddling and I hope you do find a way to fix it.

  98. disaster averted! phew. if anyone has a similar problem, it appears that when i updated firefox i also inadvertently disabled my modify headers add-on but it was dead simple to re-enable:

    click on the orange firefox menu >addons > options > options > general > manage add-ons, then find the modify headers add-on and check its enabled. simples!

  99. Thank you Richard,
    I did sorta suspect it was something simple but you’re a good man for letting us know you fixed it and for the instructions for others.
    But the reason I couldn’t respond earlier was that I was on holiday in Vietnam!
    Fantastic place, lovely people, beautiful scenery and I discovered you can watch The Daily Show online directly there, no Modify Headers necessary.
    That’s another war they’ve won with America.
    I love the smell of Jon Stewart in the morning…smells like victory.

  100. You’re welcome Choc, Australia is my favorite ex colony.
    Who’d have thunked you could find me from down there but I’m very pleased you did.
    Oh, and by the way, I clicked on your name/link and discovered your blog.
    And I reckon you’re a bit fantastic too Ki.

  101. Shoot – looks like the Techies at the DailyShow have put an end to the Firefox fix; unable to watch the latest edition of the show.

    Anybody else finding this problem (outside of the U.S.)?


    Thanks Declan, I saw your comment here before I was gonna watch last nights show and my heart sank when I thought you were right. The videos wouldn’t start for me either.
    But the techies at the TDS haven’t changed a thing, it’s those techies at Modify Headers.
    Because by looking at the Modify Headers interface (you can get there by following Step 2 of my instructions) I noticed they’ve added a button at the top left with a sorta Smiley Face that has ‘Start’ underneath, click on that, it’ll say ‘Stop’ now, but essentially you’ve just turned Modify Headers back on and the World can make sense again.
    (It seems what they’ve done is changed one of the final steps, and taken the ‘enable’ tick box from the Options page and replaced it with that funny looking ‘Start’ button/logo.)
    Phew, anyway, if you already have Modify Headers, once you’ve done that simply refresh Firefox and breathe a huge sigh of relief when the videos do come back on.
    And for newbies here, I’ve changed my instructions to suit and you’re absolutely good to go straight away…without the coronary.


  103. You’re telling me Alfonso, I’m just glad I was here to set everybody straight as soon as it happened.
    A couple of weeks ago I would have been on holiday, and wouldn’t have had a chance to help. Thousands of people without their Daily Show, dozens of new comments saying my instructions didn’t work. Can you imagine the horror!
    I think I’m gonna need a little lay down now.

  104. This worked really well for a few months, but has just stopped working for me! ARGH! Is this something anyone else is experiencing?! I’m getting the standard “Don’t send any redcoats” apology for British viewers.

  105. What’s the latest version of firefox that modify headers work? I’m in Canada and I used to get ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX videos and not it tells me they cannot play because I’m out of their geographic area. It used to work before but now I’m on Firefox 8.0 and have M.H. version It’s not disabled and FF is not on safe mode and I can confirm the addon is enabled. What to do? Please tell me this has not been shut down?!? I hate geo-tagging I really do.

  106. Ohmigod, it works! Thank you! So sorry – I bloody panicked and just posted straight away. Apologies, apologies – after a week without the show already, I was getting pretty tetchy.

    Thanks though – you ARE a life saver – imagine losing the shows just before the Primaries!!

  107. —Update—
    This version of Modify Headers ( you have in the article works with Firefox 8! The instructions work great and I do appreciate the work!! Thanks so much.

    The version that’s in the addon store in Mozilla doesn’t seem to work, but the link connects you to the right version.

    ‘preciate it and all I can say is YAY!

  108. I’m not understanding the last couple of posts. this method has stopped working for me. 😦

    I’m using firefox 8.0 and have gone through the instructions again to no avail..

  109. Sorted! note to self…read more than the last two posts.

    Back to watching!

    Seriously, cannot thank you enough for this. I cannot believe the UK hasn’t got this content going out on any channel. What a waste.

  110. Glenn – I knew you’d have the answer – if your ever in my neck of the woods (Maidstone) I owe you a beer! : )

  111. Thank You.
    I watch TDS in the morn. Yesterday it was working fine, then this morning I got the Dear British you can’t watch the show in the UK. I was like what? This is the only instructions that have the update.

  112. Thank you guys,
    Bob, you’re a good man. I’m in Northampton so a visit to Maidstone is unlikely in the near term although free beer is always a powerful incentive.
    And Nicola, you’re right, I am the only one who keeps the instructions updated.
    It always feels good helping fellow fans in their hour of need but also because I know the comments I’d get if I didn’t.
    I have created a monster and I have to keep feeding it.

  113. Glenn,

    I thought that Comedy Central had rumbled us lot over here in old Blighty. Thanks for the update mate, and just watched last nights TDS with Betty White. Man what we do without Jon, as we need to see how screwed up Election 2012 is going to be, and you just dont get the sort of content that TDS gives us by watching Sky News or BBC News Channel.

  114. Dean, mate, welcome back.
    Quite right, somehow I can’t see Paxman presenting a segment called Indecision 2012 – After Dark, Oooh Yeah edition.
    But actually I don’t worry about us being rumbled for watching anymore.
    I mean they’ve got to know about this workaround by now and for months we’re even been getting British adverts which they must be getting paid for.
    So quite apart from the pleasure I think they’d get from sticking 2 fingers up to Channel 4, sorry they’re Americans aren’t they, one digit, as long as capitalism’s around I think we’re all gonna be just fine.
    It’s just capitalism we have to worry about.

  115. Oh my goodness, I had a moment of heart-stopping panic when I got redirected to Channel 4. I thought my run was up. But no, you’ve saved the day once again! Thank you!

  116. Glenn, you are a legend – and doubly so for the update. You have improved the quality of my life. I think I might love you. I feel bad for not thanking you the first time round, please forgive me.

  117. Howdy Mate,

    This is such an enjoyable threa to read, even better when you have had somthing to smoke and you read it.

    A good comparrison I can think of for us football loving people out there is like watching a cup game, and you lose a goal, and get disappointed that your losing. Then you score and the game is equal, and not only do you get disappointed again, your now looking for reasons why your losing. Then you get it back again.

    I could go on, but us fans that thought that wehad lost TDS, then with a great manager in Glenn, weve ralied and found another way to win the game.

    And for all of you people that may read this, yes Im baked, and have the giggles! hee hee

  118. Harry,
    Thank you, your man love is beautiful, you are forgiven.
    For every 100 visitors I get only 1 will perhaps take the time to leave a thank you. And I don’t think they’re deliberately being ungrateful little toerags, it’s just they have Jon Stewart to watch now.

    What can I say, except your dealer obviously supplies a quality product.

  119. Glenn,
    You legend. Assumed that I was going to have to go TDS cold-turkey, and I now have it back! Thanks for the update. Have an electronic beer!

  120. thank you, thank you, thank you. i went on mtv to watch the latest beavis and butthead, and it didnt play (except for that annoying captain america advert). so glad to find out it wasnt the end of my daily/colbert et al viewing.
    incidentally, you can watch videos on nbc with this as well. wish i had known that earlier, i could have been watching community and parks and rec all this time.

  121. Conrad, excellent point, well done for bringing this up.
    Yes indeed, Modify Headers does let you watch video on which would otherwise be blocked like Comedy Central’s.
    So you can, if you have the stamina, watch content like The US Office, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live and also from Stephen Colbert’s BFF/Mortal Enemy for 6 months, Jimmy Fallon.
    So if you are curious about how the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream war is being fought from the other side, this is your ready made link…


    Hi folks,
    Quite apart from letting you watch NBC, I’ve just found out Modify Headers also works for ABC programmes as well.
    You can’t watch clips of shows but contrarily enough you can watch full episodes, which include Modern Family, Cougar Town and Desperate Housewives.
    There are also plenty of shows that we don’t see over here.
    So if you don’t have Sky, or even if you just use it as a catch up service, this could be for you…

  122. Bless you DM, I do my best to be.
    Actually, I love comments like this.
    I show them to my Mrs and say “Ya see that, ya see that, I have options now ya know. You better be careful woman or you’re out”
    I mean, she doesn’t even watch The Daily Show.

  123. Glenn i can only say thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!!!

  124. What an immense relief. Until a daily dose of The Daily Show is enshrined in the declaration of human rights..we are relying on you Glenn! Thanks so much.

  125. Thank you guys.
    Watching the Daily Show should be a human right Dennis, but then I think so would have to be a free Sky subscription, and you know Murdoch would never allow that.
    Nevertheless, as my Mum is my witness, nothing is gonna happen to your right to watch The Daily Show and Colbert online via slightly devious methods that may or may not be legitimate but we don’t care because the biggest crime of all is that we are having to resort to this in the first place.
    Oh no, not on my watch people, not on my watch.

  126. Thanks my friend, I don’t know you but yes, you are my friend!!!
    Oh and yes, I did panic 🙂 Now everything is good!

  127. heart attack avoided! thanks for attaching the cold but life giving paddles of tech knowledge to my stewart loving pumper! You’re a deeply humane man.

  128. Chris,
    We’re all friends here. Friends Reunited with The Daily Show.

    CLEAR!!….be’dum, be’dum. And may I say, nice analogy.

  129. Thank you, thank you, you are performing an incredible and valuable public service. Anyone who doesn’t know the daily show may see this as gushing and over the top………but the believers know its heartfelt.

  130. Aww shucks Neil, thank you, I do what I can.
    And believe me, my gratitude for all the comments people leave is equally as heartfelt.

  131. Glenn, thank you.

    I had a moment of utter panic, thinking to myself “I knew it was too good to last! The Man wins again…”. But no, I happened upon your site and all was right with the world again.

    Merci beaucoup!

  132. Pas de panique Clancy,
    Ronde ici, le Monde aura toujours un sens, c’est Jon Stewart qui est l’homme.

    Translation: Google can help you appear much cleverer than you really are.

  133. Did anyone else get the weird feeling a couple of months ago when ads for TDS (in the UK using the ‘fix’) were for HMV UK stores (as they were quoting prices in pounds)?

    It only happened for a couple of days so maybe I dreamed it.

    Thanks for the modify headers update. Was dreading having to rely on just the global show!

  134. I freakin love you man! I was so sad when TDS stopped working, doubly so because I first noticed it on my birthday 😦 but I should have known you would have had the fix 😀

    And now I have lost my Sunday to Saturday Night Live on NBC, early Xmas present!

    If I ever get to meet you, you are getting the Highest Five ever!

  135. Ron,
    You didn’t dream it, the first British ad I remember them showing was for Vimto with that jacked up car and the fruit saying “hello pretty ladies” before exploding. Actually I was positively encouraged when they started showing our adverts. Mind you, a few weeks ago when they were showing that ‘Rage’ ad for ‘Game’ twice per ad break, and at twice the normal volume, then I was positively suicidal.

    Happy Birthday mate.
    And if it’s not your birthday anymore, at least I can wish you many happy returns to The Daily Show.

  136. Dear Glenn,

    Just wanted to tell you they should put up a statue to you! I lost the Daily Show for a few days there, and was beginning to have trouble breathing. Normal oxygen supply has been restored thanks to you (and the friend who pointed me in this direction).

    Thank you both SO MUCH.

  137. Ah, bless you Marisa,
    But for a statue to work people would have to know who I was and worse still, what I look like.
    Not good, not good at all. My enemies are everywhere.

  138. Hi Glenn – it’s Jason again (5 May).

    Now doubly indebted – had this sinking feeling when suddenly no more access to Comedy Central, got worse when not finding bookmark to your page! Thankfully all i had to do is google ‘Jon Stewart Firefox’ and you come out tops, in more ways than one. Many thanks.

    As JS would say – Happy Holidays!

  139. Jason,
    Welcome back mate.
    Yes, I’m blessed, Google likes me a lot.
    But it’s the very welcome SEO friendly keywords that people leave in their lovely comments that does it.
    Phrases like the one you used to find me ‘Jon Stewart Firefox’ but also ones like The Daily Show on Firefox, firefox modify headers daily show, daily show colbert watching firefox outside us, modify headers not working daily show, firefox plug in not working daily show, and how to make firefox think you are in the usa, all help propel me up the top page on Google.
    Although being a web designer in Northampton with his own firm for web design in Northampton and who knows about these things, helps as well.

    (Sorry, I promise this is the one and only time last time I will use this for some shameless self promotion. But if you knew the amount of time I put into this when I should be working, you’d forgive me.)

    And quite right, Happy Holidays to you and everybody who reads this.
    Including Google.


    Call me Marvin but I have an irrational fear they never will create a mobile Firefox able to watch TDS on Android, or any handheld.
    Why bother? Or maybe I’m just paranoid.
    But they really would need a brain the size of a planet.
    Life, don’t talk to me about life.

  140. And you sir are a good man for saying so.
    Genius is so subjective though isn’t it.
    Was Da Vinci a genius? Was Darwin? Was Einstein?
    Well yes, but where were they when More4 cancelled the Daily Show.

  141. Adding my voice to the rest of them.

    Thank you very much for this post. I’m hugely appreciative of it, as it allows me to be able to watch the Daily Show here in the UK without having to resort to anything too cumbersome.

    Again, thank you. Happy new year, too.

  142. Thank you Jeevan,
    Happy New Year to you and to everybody.
    And since The Daily Show is finally back from its Christmas break, 2012 can actually start properly now.
    I love them guys, but oh all the bloody holidays they take!

  143. hi! the videos are taking really long to load.
    im sure its not my broadband’s fault because youtube videos take seconds to load

    is anyone experiencing the same problems with TDS videos as well?

  144. Samantha,
    Well I can only say the videos are working fine for me and I’ve just tried on a PC, a laptop and a Mac.
    So I dunno, but if the videos are still loading, even if it takes a long time, it can’t be the fault of Modify Headers.
    More likely it is a temporary glitch with bandwidth or with your own computer.
    Give it time to work itself out, and hey, at least while you’re waiting for Jon to load you can watch a YouTube video.
    I love that Ninja Cat one myself.

    Thank you mate, that’s what I’m here for, to serve and protect, The Daily Show at least.
    But from the info I see you when you added your comment, I think you’re doing the same sort of thing with an email campaign to save BBC Radio 6, something threatened by Beeb cutbacks.
    Now I listen to TalkSport most of the time but yours is a worthy cause and while you didn’t ask, here’s a link to your own WordPress Blog for anybody who enjoys and wants to support good music…

  145. Happy anniversary people.
    It’s 1 year and 14,865 visitors later.
    Thank you for the word of mouth, the links and to everybody who left a comment.
    This post took off way more than I ever expected and I’m chuffed to little mint balls it has helped so many.

  146. Hey Glenn,

    Many thanks for your help so far dude. Its been great catching up on TDS this last few months (I only just discovered your site recently).

    I have been having a problem recently and Im not sure if its just me. Whenever I try playing a clip on the website, it plays the ad but not the clip. Its happened for close to a week now. Has this happened to you? Is there something I should do to rectify this?

  147. Hi Charles,
    Oh no, enduring multiple friggin’ replays of that bloody awful Fact Checkers advert and then no Daily Show to ease your torment, I would be checking my sanity after that.
    But then it’s a damn peculiar problem you have, because if your Modify Headers wasn’t working at all you wouldn’t even be getting the adverts, just the black box saying ‘Not Available in Your Country’.
    Normally I would suggest checking the M.H. interface making sure it’s enabled and the start button turned on, but I imagine yours must be.
    You mention it’s clips though, part of your catchup I presume (and by the way, go back to a link in my comment dated 2nd June 2011 for an all time classic), but does it do that when you’re watching the new full episodes?
    In the end though Charles, it’s never happened to me and I’m sorry but I have absolutely no idea why it’s happening to you.
    And that is a fact.

  148. My pleasure Cian and bless you.
    Jon gives all of our lives meaning, well, for 22 minutes a day anyway.
    And sometimes more when it’s an extended interview.
    But I hope it’s not just Jon that gives your life meaning.
    Learn the piano, write a book, become a great photographer, help those in need, practice a martial art, it could be just about anything couldn’t it.
    Or you could do like I do and support Chelsea, but that’s not working out too well for me at the moment.

  149. i cant stand the adverts they force you to watch on comedy central, but alas, i did some research and was recommended an add-on for firefox called adBlock plus, install this and you can enjoy Jon Stewart advert free!

  150. Richard, thank you.
    You bring up something I wondered whether to mention myself.
    90% of me wanted to, the other 10% was reticent because, well, as annoying as they are I sorta felt duty bound not to because I know Comedy Central have to know about this workaround by now but are allowing it anyway, the ads being part of that.
    But Richard is exactly right, Adblock Plus is another free add-on for Firefox just like Modify Headers and it works. It works very well indeed.
    It blocks all the sort of ads you find on webpages, in the sidebar, banner ads and sometimes it does its job so well it’s hard to recognise a page.
    And yes, it also blocks the video adverts before the stuff you actually want to see, like on The Daily Show.
    This link will take you to straight to it…Adblock Plus for Firefox.
    As for me, while I am extremely tempted to use Adblock Plus myself, I think that I am still gonna suffer in silence. The silence being when I mute my speakers while those sodding adverts are showing!

  151. I love you. Thank you so much! These guys are two of the most honest voices in American media. This worked instantly!

  152. He’s Doing It!
    Creating an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for his possible candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of South Carolina that is.
    Yes, Stephen Colbert is running…or not. But it sure is a running gag that’s got legs and if you have been following along on the Report you will already have seen Stephen transfer his SuperPac to Jon Stewart on Thursdays show.
    But what you might not have seen yet is the first ‘Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow’ advert since that historic announcement, and trust me you wouldn’t want to miss it, it’s a real killer.
    That’s available on the ColbertNation website too but for swank I’m also including this link to the official ‘Definitely Not Co-ordinating with Stephen Colbert Superpac’ website to see it.
    And while I am on a roll here, since Modify Headers also lets you watch the programming on the website, you can even catch Stephen being interviewed about it all on ‘This Week’ with George Stephanopoulos.
    Just so you know, Stephens bit starts at 6.39 and lasts for about 10 minutes.
    Although for extra laughs, you might wanna watch the Rick Perry interview before that as well.
    I approve this message.

  153. Hi. I have followed your instructions flawlessly and videos from TDS and other sites still say its not availible in my country. I’m really unsure on what to do.. and very unsure if ANYONE can help me due to i have no clue what the problem is!

  154. Sorry to double post but i got it working. The only sad thing is the video i wanted to watch does not work :(. TDS works though so thank you.

  155. Cody.
    It’s ok mate, you’re not the first to think they followed the instructions flawlessly only to find they weren’t being so flawless after all.
    But I am glad you have sorted it, although now I’m intrigued as to what you want to watch but can’t.

    I know, that button has caused all sorts of consternation, just like trying to find a woman’s G spot.
    Only the button does exist and it’s much easier to turn on The Daily Show.

  156. Spartacus: Vengeance episode 1 posted ONLY on and facebook. I’ve been looking everywhere for a solution and have yet to find one.

    Spartacus isn’t everyones cup of tea.. but its definitely mine!

  157. Spartacus, ah I see, you must like your tea with a splash of blood.
    But you’re right, I tried as well, the Starz website seems to have the more sophisticated blocking that sites like CBS use.
    To get round that you will need a proper VPN program, which really does disguise your geographical location, and there are various options out there plus a free one called Hotspot Shield.
    It’s actually something I commented on above on Sept 20th 2011 so have a look, perhaps you will find your solution.

  158. Have you tried turning it off then on again?
    You don’t exactly give me much to go on here Sean but once Modify Headers is on and working there’s only 2 ways I know for it not to work anymore, it’s been set to stop or somehow you’ve disabled the filter.
    If it’s stopped you can either start it up again by going to the interface and clicking the logo/button on the top left, or there’s also a handy button with the MH logo down on the bottom left of Firefox in the status bar. If it’s red MH is on and if it’s grey, it is turned off. It’s also a quick way to get to the interface.
    Other than that the only other way things can get stopped is if the filter has been disabled within the interface. So go to it and make sure there’s a green circle to the right side of the filter you made, meaning that it is enabled. A red circle denotes when it has been disabled. If that is the case just click on the filter itself followed by the enable button.
    But if you look and MH is still both turned on and enabled, then I’m afraid I have absolutely no idea what’s happened.
    Except that your computers brainfart must have been a real stinker.

  159. Dude, a hearty thanks.
    I’ve been without stewart and colbert for nearly 2 years now, and it was getting bad. Seriously, thanks.
    The wimp in me does want to know though, if you’ve had any viral/pc problems with doing this (as a heads up for anything to look out for in the future)?

  160. Do not fear my friend, Modify Headers is a bona fide, guaranteed free from any nastiness whatsoever, Mozilla approved add-on that couldn’t be more virus free unless it came complete with its own Hazmat suit.
    And it’s just as safe in its everyday use as well, which after two years of TDS and Colbert deprivation, I assume it will be employed for.
    Enjoy it in absolute good health Dan, yours and your computer’s.

  161. Ah Glenn, you’re the man! For 5 years I have been without the Daily Show and Colbert Report! Works like a charm.

    I read that Chrome will soon also be able to do this with it’s equivalent Add-on, the ‘Web Request API’ in the Chrome 17 Beta.

  162. 5 Years!!!
    You’ll be alright though, they’re on holiday again next week, it’ll be a chance to catch up.
    Thank you for mentioning about a potential Chrome workaround, I wasn’t aware of that development myself. I have just Googled it though and while so far it looks more complicated, if it turns out similar to Modify Headers, I will definitely let people know.

  163. Thank you Kat,
    But I just offer the first aid, everybody does their own patching up.

    Er, nobody knows the problem…even if you had explained what was happening, because well, there isn’t one. This really does work every single time.
    Try again, follow along to the letter and you will definitely get it working, if indeed you haven’t found that out already.

  164. After many months this suddenly stopped working for me today. After playing around a bit, I found a solution: At step 3, choose ‘modify’ instead of ‘add’ and everything is back to normal. Don’t know why, but hope this is of help.

  165. Hi Stuart,
    Well how about that, there’s a quirk that hasn’t been mentioned before.
    I hadn’t fired up MH so far this week because they’re all off on their bloody hols again aren’t they, but I just have on a PC and a Mac and I’m happy to report it’s still working as normal for me.
    I’ve no idea what happened to yours then Stuart but I’m pleased you worked it out on your own and I’m really grateful you returned to alert anybody else having a problem to try your solution.
    In fact, I’m so impressed that if anything ever happens to me, I’ll get the grieving Mrs. Glenn to send you the log-in details here.
    I think you might just be the man to take over.

  166. can’t work out but my access has just stopped again.
    I have tried everything .I reinstalled I tried modify instead of add like some one suggested I have tried start and stop so many times …. HELP

  167. Reg,
    Sorry, you picked the wrong time for MH to go wrong on you, I’ve been out all day.
    And I’m afraid it is just you mate. It’s certainly working for me, there’d be a lot more similar comments if it effected everybody and I’ve even checked on the M.H. creators website, plus his Twitter feed, to see if there have been any updates recently…there haven’t.
    So I don’t know what to say. But if you have been checking back over all the old comments and tried all the previous MH solutions with no luck maybe it’s not a MH issue but a Firefox one.
    I do know you can accidentally turn on something called Safe Mode in Firefox which disables any add-on automatically, obviously disabling MH as well, which might be your problem. So I include this link to some instructions to cure that.
    I just hope you get it sorted soon and if you do, let us know how you did it.

  168. Thank you ‘Liz’, I know who you really are.
    And since you have a jubilee to look forward to, that’s quite an honour.
    Speaking of honours, if you have one of those By Royal Appointment crests I can add here, my Mum would love that.

  169. Doesn’t seem to work for me, and I am IN the UK! 😦

    My office connection is routed via Ireland which seems to be causing the problem. Any ideas? I have followed the steps above without success.

  170. Nigel,
    Sorry, I guess you’re just out of luck.
    Goes away muttering, how the hell am I supposed to know and anyway, some people should learn to ask more nicely.

  171. Okay, I’ve been at this for nigh on 2 hours now.
    Used to work like a charm, now every time it comes up
    To view this movie you need the Adobe Flash Player plugin. You also need JavaScript enabled in your browser.
    This is on all videos across comedy central, (think) I have tried installing Flash player, but still no change. What can I do?

  172. Tom is right – I’ve been using this proxy for the last few months, and suddenly today (didn’t try yesterday 27th feb) I’m getting the same message on colbert/daily show sites- “To view this movie you need the Adobe Flash Player plugin. You also need JavaScript enabled in your browser. ”

    Any ideas? My flash plugin IS up to date…

  173. Same here. I downloaded the latest Adobe Flash Player plugin, but it doesn’t seem to have fixed it. Oh, dear!

  174. I’ve also experienced the same problem today; “To view this movie you need Adobe Flash Player plugin” etc. I actually watched the most recent episode earlier on today, there were no problems then and everything on my laptop seems up to date in terms of plug-ins.
    I’m a complete technophobe but when I returned to England last summer from a year abroad I found the brilliant step by step guide posted here invaluable, thankyou so much for sharing it. Hopefully there’s a relatively quick fix for this!

  175. Same problems here people. It looks like they have done something to the website. I clicked on the videos screen out of interest and they aren’t coming up anymore.

    I can’t make the plug-in work either because when I install it from Firefox, the confirmation screen appear in IE and then it’s like nothing has happened, I still get the same error.

    It may be back to the old Hotspot Shield.

  176. I just looked at the comments on the main page under the black screen.

    Judging by the comments on the website, they are just doing some server maintenance and the site will be restored in a couple of days.

  177. Oh is that it! I hope so Violet, Just checked to verify your announcement and it seems this is a sudden phenomenon affecting folks all over…I was unable to find a reference to site maintainance tho ?

  178. Crikey, I leave the country for a few days and all Hell breaks loose. (Specifically, I was in Malta until a few hours ago. My advice, if you can, marry a travel agent.)
    Anyway, apart from the gratifying fact that you nice people have used this page like a forum, and I encourage more of it, to come back and find all this havoc was worrying indeed.
    Especially when I found I had exactly the same problem.
    But Violet is right, according to the many pissed off comments on the Daily Show and ColbertNation websites, this is a universal breakdown, all to do with Comedy Central own servers and sites, rather than a problem with any new version of Flash, Modify Headers, or Firefox.
    So folks, as bad as it is, I think it’s really just a matter of waiting until the Comedy Central techies fix whatever bit of the internet tubes they broke in the first place.

  179. Got this on my Facebook:

    The Daily Show
    We know you can’t watch videos on our site right now, but we’re working on getting it fixed ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

  180. Thank you Willshome.
    I didn’t know Louie was on FX, else I would have watched it myself…while I could.
    Anyway, I’ve just tried the Daily Show again and at least they’ve replaced the normal site with a holding page explaining they’re doing maintenance.
    And you never know, this could all be in a good cause, like they’re upgrading to Hi-Def maybe.
    Although the nightmare scenario, and I don’t even like mentioning this, is that this so called maintenance is all about stopping the Modify Headers workaround.
    Please God, no.

  181. Oh thats such a relief, only one thing…what happened to the 28th, ie the tuesday edition?
    Oh my, and why did spurs have to lose ;(
    Cheers everyone!

  182. Whoa, hold on a minute there!
    Watched it this morning, how the how did you do that 39/Roger?
    Is there perhaps something you should be telling us?!?

  183. Well now that we’ve all had a chance to recover from the terrible trauma of the last few days, I just wanted to express an extended thank you to the little band of returning comment’ers, who’ve been a big part in getting us through this recent crisis.
    I know I’m no Jon Stewart but you were all like the correspondents on the Daily Show to this little blog.
    So Violet, it’s up to you, you can decide whether you’re more Samantha Bee or Olivia Munn…personally I don’t imagine you as a Kristen Schaal
    And guys, you can fight over who’s John Oliver and who’s John Hodgman.

  184. Hi Glen well it worked for me early on, between 9-o-clock and ten-o-clock, I watched TDS, later I went back to watch TCR and it was broke.
    Glad its all back up and running, without it (and Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert) I feel all alone in the world. Now that Spurs are reverting to type especially so 😦 Not looking forward to the weekends expected ritual spanking…Arry out I cry!
    I am wrestling with an particularly Onerous Ocelot at the moment, a fiendish Ubuntu upgrade, it is slowly driving me mad.

  185. Don’t worry about Spurs, they’ve got 3rd locked up now.
    And your cries of Harry out, I promise are as nothing to the tirade of screams and expletives I regularly hurl towards that shitty little squatter managing my team.
    Anyway, you might have read above where I said that regular contributors here are sorta like the TDS correspondents ..which is fanciful I know but I’m running with it regardless.
    Well mate, I think you’re probably our Lewis Black.

  186. Howdy Glenn,

    This is by a long way the best blog/advice thread anywhere on the interweb. People here show and share their passion and admiration for The Daily Show. When Comedy Central did their maintenance, the amount of times during the day that my BB would beep to tell me that another user had found that John wasn’t on, and that we the small but passionate group had lost the best way that we could watch one of favorite satirists.

    If you guys remember a few months ago when the show has one of its many breaks so John can recover from all the boundless energy that he puts into the show. There were people on here believing that our port hole had been closed.

    Thanks Glenn for also adding the other websites, so we can watch other selected US TV.

    Now, I can start to try and catch up with Grays Anatomy, as I’ve only got 4 seasons worth of catch up. But I still can’t find Weeds, but I guess as an HBO show that maybe a harder one to view.

  187. 39,
    No worries, that second N of my name seems to have been optional all my life.
    So don’t apologize, Lewis wouldn’t.

    Hello mate, you return again and what a nice thing to say, much appreciated.
    And I’m pleased to know you’re making full use of the MH workaround, but give it up for anything on HBO you need a full US subscription to access their website, although there are plenty of clips, previews and behind the scenes to watch.
    And anyway, you’ve always hinted that your life is an episode of Weeds.
    But as for you as a correspondent, I dunno, you’re more of a Jason Jones I reckon.

  188. Jason Jones, maybe. But if were doing current and or former TDS correspondents I would be Steve Carell, or if were on the. Current cast list I would be Wyatt Cynac, sharp witted, always looking for a cultural connection with me being Jewish, and I really think he enjoys a toke on a spliff, again like I do. I wish my life was anything like Andy Botwin from Weeds, as that would make Nancy my sister in law. Stop those thoughts Dean! Lol

  189. That’s fine Dean, we can include past correspondents so if you prefer to be Steve Carrell you can be, albeit with Rob Corddrys hairline…I’ve seen your Facebook pic mate.
    Let’s have this straight from the start though folks, nobody, nobody gets to be Colbert.
    Anyway, I think you’ve been toking just a bit too much, I’ve discovered Weeds is actually a Showtime show, not HBO. But alas you’re still out of luck, it’s only clips you can watch on the Showtime website.
    Because personally I’d be watching one of my all time favorite shows on it, Californication.
    I wish my life was anything like Hank Moody’s.

  190. Michael,
    That’s alright mate, I’m happy it turns out you were just a momentary dumbass.
    And may I say, it’s kinda nice that this is thought of as the ‘go to’ place for Modify Headers/Daily Show related problems.
    Even if it is turning me prematurely grey.

  191. Hi, I was able to watch TDS until very recently and then all of a sudden it stopped working. I’ve got the Modify Headers bit enabled, and I’ve even tried re-installing firefox and the Modify Headers add-on but still no joy. Any suggestions?

  192. Hi Tom,
    Well, who knows, you haven’t actually mentioned the specifics of your frustration.
    We did have a recent scare where all of the Comedy Central websites refused to play anything, but it was because of something they did themselves and nothing to do with MH.
    However for every other time things have gone screwy, myself or some other fan have posted on here the solution.
    So I can only suggest going back up the comments and it is likely that whatever your problem is, it’s already been addressed somewhere.
    Fingers crossed eh.

  193. Hi Glenn just wondering …is anyone else unable to get any further than 19th march episodes? I havn’t been able to tune into anything new all week, is it just me or what!
    Are there any other sufferers out there?
    Yours rantingly, Lewis…
    OH and BTW my team are becoming a bit of a laugh eh! Glenn can you believe that come saturday a certain blue team are sure to take full advantage of the fact that our Manager, old troutface, can’t stop dropping the valium.

  194. ‘Lewis’,
    What are you doing man, you’ll start a panic!
    But thankfully you, nor anybody, should be concerned, the TDS team are merely on another of their off weeks.
    Just like Spurs lately…and absolutely may it continue tomorrow and for a few more weeks.

  195. Thank you Joe.
    And a new comment was exactly what I wanted.
    It’s been 3 weeks since the last one, I was starting to feel unloved.

  196. You will always be my hero! for the past three weeks I have been fighting with my computer trying to get flash player to work.
    I got an update that disabled flash,to put it in a nutshell, thanks to adobe getting hitched up with almighty google and deciding not to open source to mozilla…Or something like that…
    The blues seem to be thriving without the squatter eh,less can be said for Arry and poor old spurs, who are very disappointing atm.

  197. Cheers. Now I have the daily show and Saturday Night Live! You should get a pound from everyone whose used this (20,000?)

  198. 39/Roger/Lewis,
    You’re a good man, thank you.
    But your woes describe an update I’m not familiar with, and you know I would definitely have had a flurry of comments if it was widespread problem.
    I hope you sort it soon.
    As for Chelsea, RDM has certainly improved matters, but we’ll see after Sundays semi-final which one of is the more disappointed.
    And the way things are going neither of us are gonna get 4th, it’ll be bloody Newcastle.

    Thank you, and you’re very welcome mate, I see you’ve been scanning the previous comments as well.
    And wouldn’t that be a nice thought, getting a pound for every visitor.
    Not that it’s about the glory or money, but given this page has now had 23,855 visitors in its 16 months, I wish I’d have thought of that at the start!

  199. Glenn, if we all dedicated ourselves to helping others like you have helped all of us, the world would be a better place. Thank you, from someone who has waited far too long to come to this site.

  200. ilanarc, thank you,
    You’ve found us now, that’s what counts.
    And as for helping others, I may not be able to change the World for the masses but I can at least make it a better one for the discerning.

  201. I’m not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but… I LOVE YOU.
    At last, hhmmmmpphhh. My old friend JS & TDS, YES!!!!!

  202. Akarosco,
    I see we have a love of Seinfeld as well.
    And I’m not gay either, but I’ll tell you what, just the once I’ll let you think of me when you are being ‘master of your own domain’.
    And yes, they are real and they’re spectacular.

  203. Thank you Heds,
    The ad-blocker you refer to is different to the one I know, the mighty Adblock Plus, although maybe you meant that anyway.
    But for anyone else who finds the ads during the online Daily Show just too annoying to tolerate, have a look at my comment on January 12th.
    You’ll find more about Adblock Plus and why it’s another reason to love Firefox. (Ok, full disclosure, you can get it for Chrome as well but not for IE, oh no.)

  204. I’m very happy to be of service Donna.
    Now me, I’m having a very dry spell, but that’s a different subject entirely.
    Actually, maybe you can…no never mind, I’m sure my wife will relent eventually.

  205. Does anybody know whether modify headers can be used to simulate a UK IP address to make it possible to access UK content from abroad?

  206. Hi Iain,
    Mmm, I know there’s such a site called with a whole world of ip address’s that do that very thing, providing proxies so that you can pretend your visiting from any country. I’ve not had to use it but it looks pretty comprehensive and could be the solution you’re looking for I think.

  207. You, my good sir, are a bonified SAINT. I have submitted your name for cannonization and, after informing the pope of your miracle work, I think he’s willing to make an exception to the fact that you’re still alive (fun fact, even the Vatican’s network couldn’t get the Daily Show!)

  208. Pieman, bless you my son.
    If only you had put in your good word 3 days earlier as Gods honest, I was in Rome on holiday, I might even have found the time to fit in a bit of beatification while I was there.
    And I would have shown His Holiness precisely how easy it is to watch our own spiritual leader. I mean, he would have to appreciate it wouldn’t he, after all is not Modify Headers the answer to the prayers of thousands?
    But mostly I think he would appreciate it because Italian tele is utter shit.

  209. Daniel,
    Awesome man, welcome to the UK.
    I just hope by the time Autumn comes…you realise you’ll have to stop calling it Fall now, that you’re not complaining all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.
    Still, at least you don’t have to dream about the Daily Show anymore.

  210. I am so happy to find your blog. I married a British man 10+ years ago and moved to the UK. I have been a big fan of The Daily Show and, like many of you, have watched as More4 have sliced-n-diced the Daily Show to a mere one a week. Now it’s gone. I will attempt to hide my computer ID and, fingers crossed, it works. Many thanks for your advice and now I’m moving on the The Daily Show’s Facebook and put my stake down! Karen

  211. Karen,
    Facebook, doh, I can’t believe I haven’t thought to look at their Facebook page!
    No wonder I regret buying those shares.
    Anyway, I’m happy that you found me too and you are very welcome.

  212. Not sure if the site is down, but all i’m getting today is a white screen – its letting me access the page as normal (no message saying access in the UK not permitted or whatever) but no videos will load up from the site ?
    Anybody else or just me ?
    A belated hat tip for the Firefox advice by the way.

  213. Hi Jeff,
    I don’t think you saw a white screen mate, that was just Boris Johnson’s hair.
    How strange was it to see him on there eh, but I suspect you merely had a little glitch earlier and all is still well.

  214. hi
    I have a problem where the Daily show website says’ need adobe flash player plugin’. I have downloaded latest updates from adobe sites.Funnily even the saturday Night live website just shows a blank screen when I try to play their videos.Can anyone help?
    regards Simon

  215. @Simon
    That’s exactly the problem i’ve had (see my post above from June 12th) – i’ve done the same as yourself downloading the Adobe updates, uninstalling Firefox and reinstalling as well, all to no avail.
    I’ve pretty much given up as i all i get is the white screen no matter which video/CC show it is.
    Anybody have any ideas short of emigrating to the US ?

  216. Boys, I hear ya,
    The thing is Modify Headers must be working for the rest of us, otherwise believe me, there would be plenty more anguished comments like yours here.
    And frankly I don’t know what your problem is, I thought it must be something temporary that would just sort itself out.
    Nevertheless, if Modify Headers isn’t working on your Firefox, what if I tell you that it’s not your only option anymore, that you can now WATCH TDS AND COLBERT ON GOOGLE CHROME!
    That’s right folks, this is big, because now there’s an add-on just like Modify Headers for the Chrome browser and it’s just as easy to tweak to bypass pesky geo blocking as MH is.

    So if you’re ready, it’s instruction time again…

    • OK, so clearly a nod towards Modify Headers, this lovely new extension for Chrome is instead called ‘ModHeader’, the link to download it being…
      Chrome Web Store – ModHeader and obviously use Chrome when you do so.
    • Once there a big blue ‘Add to Chrome’ button is readily apparent so click it, but before it actually starts the download a pop up will ask if you agree to allow ModHeader to access the data for the websites you use. I do think it’s just a general disclaimer that applies to any add-on like this but if you want it, you haven’t got much choice, so say yes.
    • A very quick download follows and a little notice will pop up on the top right of Chrome confirming it’s installed. There’ll be a new icon there as well now, a light blue circle with this symbol ⌘, the ModHeader logo.
    • Click on it and the ModHeader equivalent of the Modify Headers menu appears, but thankfully it is all very familiar. Because all you have to do is add the usual ‘X-Forwarded-For’ in the first box and the same old ‘’ in the second box and that’s it, you’re done again. Just click anywhere other than that box to get rid of it, followed no doubt by a swift move to your favorite U.S. satirical news program of choice.

    So Jeff, Simon and everybody else, now there are two easy ways of watching the two best shows on TV. And yes, it will let you watch Saturday Night Live and lots of other shows on

    But if this f#@*er doesn’t work either, you’re all on your own.

    (NB. One thing, this add-on is for Chrome version 17 and above, as I write the current version is 19, so just make sure you’re up to date. If you’re not familiar with the Chrome menu, click on the Spanner icon on top right of the menu bar > About Google Chrome, it’ll tell you there what version you have. Oh, and if you do ever want to turn ModHeader off, delete it or get to its preferences it’s Spanner > Tools > Extensions.)

  217. X-Forwarded-For left the last one blank i typed in in the white listed domain box can anyone tell me if iam missing something still cant watch mr stewart , Whitelisted domain .*://.*

  218. Hi Stephen,
    What are doing man, you don’t need to add anything in that Whitelisted Doman box, just leave it at its default state .*://.* and type in X-Forwarded-For in the top left box and in the middle box.
    Do that and I rather think you will be able to watch Mr Stewart.
    And if all else fails there’s still the Firefox and Modify Headers way.

  219. OMG, OMG, it’s coming back, it’s coming back!
    Yes, my friends, our prayers have been answered because as of July 23rd, The Daily Show is returning to our televisions screens, on Comedy Central UK!
    Every single episode, 24 hours after being shown in the US, just as it was before.
    And just what we’ve all been waiting for these past 18 months.
    Especially me, I can relax a bit now.

    This is the link to the Digital Spy announcement of the news.

  220. I am not sure what I am doing wrong on firefox 13.0.1… did exactly the same as suggested but am still getting the same message ”
    Sorry, playback is unavailable.

    XfinityTV videos can only be viewed from within the US. If you believe you are seeing this message in error, please connect to a different network and try refreshing your browser

    I am trying from India- any idea what I am doing wrong?

  221. RG,
    Your reference to XfinityTV is the telling part here.
    Because XfinityTV is a bit like Hulu, a compendium of all the big US TV channels and I’m afraid Modify Headers is not nearly clever enough to get around their far more secure Geo Blocking.
    So you’re probably not doing anything wrong, it just won’t work for what you’re trying to do…and never will.


    Well this sucks.
    You can’t watch full episodes of TDS and Colbert right now, and I don’t just mean because of their extended bloody holiday again.
    Now don’t panic folks, I will say straight away that Comedy Central haven’t stopped online streaming entirely but for now at least to watch a complete show you’ve got to piece it together from the individual clips of that episode.
    And why is this?
    Because in a petulant hissy fit over a new contract between Viacom, who own Comedy Central, and DirecTv, one of the big cable TV providers in the US, DirecTv have dropped all 26 of Viacom’s channels and in retaliation Viacom have pulled full episode streaming from their channels.
    Now that’s the potted version, read the full story in the link from the Huff Post below, but when our favorite shows are back next week, we’ll just have to watch them the long way round.

  223. Well that’s alright then.
    Viacom and DirecTV are still having their pissing contest but it’s not us online fans caught in the trickle down anymore.
    Deep joy people, the full episodes feed is restored.

  224. There was me thinking I’d found hope… but nope. I have FF14, installed Modify Headers – it comes with the Add X Forward For stuff already in place. Click start, go to Daily Show site, click full episode “Sorry, this video is unavailable”. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, disabled the “Add” rule and made on that says “Modify”, installed and uninstalled the Chrome option, nothing works. I must be doing something wrong but it looks so simple I don’t see what I’ve missed!

  225. Jon,
    It’s not just hope mate, it works, 162 other satisfied visitors so far today and no complaints.
    No ‘thank you’s’ either mind you but I’m used to that.
    I don’t know what can be causing your woes though, especially if it’s not working with the Chrome version either, it’s so simple as you say, and it definitely works in Firefox 14.
    But make sure that the smiley Modify Headers logo in the bottom left of your Firefox is red and not grey, red denotes MH is on and the grey means it’s turned off.
    In the Modify Headers interface it’s really intended to be ‘Add’ in the top left hand box, not ‘Modify’ although I’ve just tested that as well and it works anyway.
    Oh, and just check that you’re not in Firefox’s Safe Mode by mistake, By default Safe Mode disables every single add-on you’ve installed in Firefox so MH won’t have a chance to work.
    These are some instructions to check and come out of it if you are.

    Other than that lot, I don’t know what else to suggest except come back to it tomorrow fresh and have another go.
    Y’know what, it’ll probably start first time.

  226. Thanks so much Glenn! I’ve tried to do this before without any luck but your instructions worked perfectly. It took less than five minutes and now I’m back to enjoying my daily fix of the Daily Show. As an added bonus, I can also now watch ITV Player!

  227. ITV Player!!
    My God man, is there anything on there worth watching?
    If people are using my instructions to watch crap like TOWIE from abroad, and think that we’re all like that, I may never be able to forgive myself.
    Otherwise FS, you’re very welcome.

  228. Hi Glenn
    Cheers for this fix- it’s worked a charm on my PC! Trouble is, I’ve got a laptop too that I can’t seem to get it to work on. That applies both for Modify Headers and the Chrome version too, meaning I’m stuck with iPlayer all the time! Any ideas?

  229. I’m very pleased to read that Jack, even if I had nearly finished a 300 word response to your earlier predicament
    My conclusion that your laptop must really be an alien artificial intelligence with Republican sympathies may not have been much help anyway.

  230. Hi Glenn,

    Can I just confirm again that this is working for you on the latest Chrome and Firefox? I used to use this method and suddenly it stopped working without me changing anything. Since then I haven’t been able to watch any daily show 😦

  231. Grrrr, pesky Start Button.
    Actually I glad you mentioned about it Daniel, it’s probably the reason for several ‘It’s not working anymore, help’, ‘Oh wait a minute, I got it working again’ messages on here.
    So folks, before you appeal me to explain just why you can’t watch TDS today when you could yesterday, make sure that the little round Modify Headers logo you’ll find in the bottom left corner of Firefox is coloured Red.
    If it’s Grey, MH is turned off and won’t work until you click on that logo and start it up again.
    It’s actually quite handy sometimes, being a nice quick way to temporarily turn off MH when occasionally UK videos won’t play because they think you’re in the US.
    But may I stress the word temporarily in that sentence.

  232. Hi Glenn,

    Just a message to say thank you. Thank you. A thousand times thank you. I’ve missed Jon and co…and now I needn’t.


  233. Karl, my pleasure mate.
    And receiving even one thank you is always nice let alone a thousand at once
    Nevertheless I’ll keep the others safe just in case there’s a leaner period of gratitude.

  234. Good work, fella. This is the most useful blog post I have had all month. Works a treat. Thank you to you and our man Saiftk.

  235. You have to look at more blogs then K.
    Still I’m very glad you discovered this one and you’re quite right to credit Saiftk. While people are pleased they found my instructions, I’m bloody ecstatic I found his.

  236. Hi Luka,
    Thank you, although that link is obviously in those instruction I’d already posted anyway.
    Oh wait a minute, I bet you’re a Chrome techie aren’t you, attempting to subtly convert the whole world to your browser.
    Well carry on mate, since Chrome is owned by Google the last thing I’d ever want to do is piss you off.

  237. Thank you very much!
    Thanks to you I get to watch the US news in an acceptable way: with comedy and in context. I was afraid a Dutchie like me was doomed to watching Fox news :S
    I like Stewarts views and critical thinking 🙂
    And thank you too for making it so easy, since my computer skills still need to develop a little more…

  238. How about that, you don’t like right wing Fox News, you must be a Dutchie who passes to the left hand side.
    Sorry Sophie, couldn’t resist.
    Anyway, I’m really pleased you found me and you are very welcome indeed.
    And may I say, whatever your computer skills are, your second language ones have obviously developed extremely well.

  239. Thank-you, thank-you and thank-you again! I can get by reasonably well on a diet of Mock the Week but there’s nothing like an episode of Jon Stewart to make this Canadian feel right at home (??)

  240. Hi J.
    Actually I’ve never really bothered with Mock The Week myself, maybe if they had Jon Stewart, or at least John Oliver on it. Still I am very happy that I could reunite you with with your first love. Not being able to watch TDS, now that’s the real mockery.

  241. Oh my God it’s working! Glenn, darling, I can’t thank you enough. I was in a slough of despair over missing the next seven weeks’ worth of JS’s campaign coverage. A rainbow of happiness has appeared over my desk. You rock.

  242. I cannot, I mean really CANNOT believe how easy and efficiently this worked. You are quite high on my Supa-Dupa list!

  243. Thank you Shalam,
    I’ve been on holiday and this was a supa-dupa comment to come back to.
    And I’ll tell you one thing, it is even easier than watching The Daily Show in some places in America. Are you listening to me Holiday Inn on Van Ness in San Francisco? Otherwise very nice hotel and 40inch Flatscreen HD TVs mean nothing without the right channels.
    I feel a review on TripAdvisor coming on. People need to be warned.

  244. Well now that I’ve caught up with all the TDS and Colbert episodes I couldn’t watch while in the States because there was no Comedy Central in my hotel room…curse you Holiday Inn, San Francisco, I’ve also watched something else I couldn’t while there.
    Or at least not without paying $4.95 and pissing off my wife for spending far too much time in an internet cafe.
    I refer of course to the real event of this election season. Forget the presidential debates, I’m talking about the ‘The Rumble 2012’, the Jon Stewart vs Bill O’Reilly debate.
    For not since The Rock fought ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin had there been such excitement about a pay-per view event, even if nobody was going to be hit with metal chairs.
    But who would win? Would Stewart lay the smackdown on his older and meaner opponent or would O’Reilly’s belligerence triumph since that’s just the way it is, ’cause Fox News says so.
    Well you can decide for yourself, someone has posted the whole thing on YouTube, all 93 minutes of it.
    Actually in the end it didn’t matter who won, it wasn’t that kind of debate, it was entertaining though and Bill O’Reilly may even have scored a small victory. Because by the end you might think he’s not quite the total rightwing douchebag you thought he was.

  245. Thank you so much for the link Glenn. I did not expect to be able to see that debate. I don’t know how O’Reilly had the nerve to put himself up against Mr Stewart, but he did, and exposed himself as King of Bullshit mountain.
    Oh, and by the way, good luck this afternoon and thanks for giving us AVB. Unlike you lot, we appreciate him, at last we have an intelligent manager. We would have beaten your lot had Bale not decided to play mothers and fathers. Heh Heh!

  246. 39/Roger/Louis, welcome back my friend and I’m glad I could help out with the debate.
    But don’t be fooled by the little squatter, at this stage of last season we still appreciated him as well. Only that’s when we discovered there’s more than one king of bullshit mountain.
    And as for Mr Bale, it’s a shame his girlfriend had a little girl, otherwise we could have signed the baby up already.

  247. Hello again Glenn – long time! see you are continung your good deeds and looking after your ever increasing flock. Been happily watching my Daily dose ….until today, the dreaded ‘Dear Great Britain’ sign comes up – my origin has been revealed! Checked your instructions again (Firefox, Modify Headers, X-Forwarded-For enabled, etc) – no joy. Disabled / enabled header; with or without Adblock plus enabled – nothing seems to help.
    Any ideas?

  248. Jason, woe is you my old friend.
    But I really don’t know why, I’m using Firefox version 16.0.2 as well and have done for a few weeks, it was released on Oct 26th.
    And it was working earlier when I watched Thursdays TDS and Colbert and I’ve just checked again on 2 different computers and everything remains hunkydory.
    Plus you know how this usually works, any general Modify Headers/Daily Show crisis and then everybody lets me know.
    So it is something wonky with your Firefox I think.
    But of course you don’t have to rely on Firefox to watch TDS these days, you can use Google Chrome as well
    It has its own equivalent of Modify Headers now so refer to the instructions for it in my comment of June 18th 2012 and use that for your Daily dose.
    At least until your Firefox corrects itself.

  249. Thanks Glenn – already installed Chrome last night as well, as per posted instructions – same offending ‘Dear GB’ screen, so seriously puzzled. However not all is lost, dusted off old laptop this morning and its working fine, so it must be something i’ve done recently to my Tosh Z930, as it was working fine only last we/end – apart from installing additional memory, nothing comes to mind. Will let you know if i ever work it out.
    BTW – i often work late, but you posted @ 3:32 am?? or have you left Northampton for a different timezone.

  250. Ah, well you see there’s your mistake Jason.
    You installed extra memory on a Toshiba Z930 on a weekday.
    And no, I am still in Northampton…you have been paying attention haven’t you, but I’m always up at that time at night. 8.48 in the morning would get the double exclamation marks from me.
    My wife says I live my life like I’m on New York time.
    But it’s a state of mind I tell you.

  251. Hi,

    How come there are no new episodes anymore of the daily show from 19th november 2012 online at the daily show website?

  252. Fear not J,
    The team are merely on a week off because it’s Thanksgiving over there.
    Most of which surely involves the election being over.

  253. >> You installed extra memory on a Toshiba Z930 on a weekday.

    LOL didnt know that was a no-no. Anyway, fyi (and my elation), Firefox did ‘correct itself’ while i was away – Mozilla sure works in mysterious ways. But so did Chrome! won’t try to work out why. But ready again for my Daily dose….

  254. God may work in mysterious way Jason, computers, they work in f*@#ing unfathomable ones.
    Just like when I bought a computer in a leap year, I’d leave it for a minute and the damn thing would browse to porn sites all on its own.
    Only my wife never did believe me.
    Women eh.

  255. Dementia mode eh.
    That must be Firefox’s ‘private browsing’ function, otherwise referred to as ‘porn mode’.
    I forgot all about that.

  256. Right on Robynne, screw ’em.
    Mind you, since corporations are apparently people too in America, I’m guessing they’re a very lousy lay.

  257. I’m not able to access full episodes as of this morning. Firefox tells me that:

    “The page isn’t redirecting properly
    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
    This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept

    I get the same message wheteher I access through my bookmark or through the website. Any tips?

  258. Hi thecraic,
    Aye, it seems that occasionally Firefox can throw a little tantrum for no reason at all, much like my Mrs.
    But rather than me sending her to the pub for a large Malibu and a go on the slot machine, I would recommend going to this place for you.
    It’s a page dedicated to your particular little problem and should tell all you need to soothe Firefox’s ruffled feathers.

    And let us know if it works, this page is the repository of knowledge for all things TDS and Colbert related after all.
    And if it doesn’t work, well, you can just watch the show on Chrome.

  259. Bloody hell, they’ve cracked Hulu!
    Yes, that Hulu. That previously fiercely guarded magic kingdom of nearly all US TV content is now as easy to view with one browser add-on as is The Daily Show. Want to know how? I thought you would and it was definitely worth a whole new post so here you go…

    …and yes you can watch Mr Stewart and Mr Colbert via this method as well.
    In fact, you’ll be able to watch lots of stuff.

  260. Hey, thecraic is back!
    Glad you approve my friend and are you saying that NBC have NFL games on live streaming! I did not know that.
    And this is a man who has a pair of 49ers underpants, seriously, I really do.
    So very much long may it last, especially since NBC have bought the rights to show Premier League games live next season.
    I can wear my Chelsea pants as well.

  261. Has this trick stopped working? It was fine all of last year, but I had to reinstall Windows at the start of this year. Now it knows I’m in Australia. Anyone else have this problem?

  262. Being in Australia isn’t a problem, I liked it.
    Oh, I see what you mean.
    No mate, Modify Headers is still working, it’s your PC.
    Or maybe somewhere in the process Modify Headers has just been turned off. You have made sure the little M.H.smiley face logo, down at the bottom left of Firefox, is red and not grey I assume? Just click on it and press start.
    Other than that it’s hard to say what’s gone wrong, but y’know you can always just watch it on Chrome and via Hulu now as well.
    Instructions are available very close by.

  263. Happy 2nd anniversary people,
    Well ok, 2 years plus 2 days, I was watching so much on Hulu that it slipped my mind previously.
    And even in a year that Mr Stewart returned to our TV screens, this page still got a fantastic 27,478 hits compared to 14,865 the year before.
    So thank you to everyone who visited and to all who continue posting links back here.
    Mind you, I suppose that’s only as long we don’t leech too many viewers from The Daily Show on Comedy Central that they go and bloody cancel it like More4 did.
    Wouldn’t that be ironic.

  264. No it’s true….got a spare car child seat and everything ;0)…..although to be fair, the car needs a little maintenance…….;0)

  265. Sorry Tom, it hurt too much the last time a man promised me babies.
    And he was a mechanic.
    Just when you think you can have it all…

  266. Yep, Modify Headers was set up correctly and enabled. No idea why not working. But yay, it’s working in Chrome. Excuse me, I have some Colbert to catch up on.

  267. That’s all right Aus, go enjoy, there was a great Cheating Death a few days ago.
    I love Cheating Death, long may it continue.
    And that segment.

  268. Yes!!!! YEsss!! hahahahaha… Thank you my friend…hoooo! I am down in Kenya and I have been watching the show through, unfortunately the site was shut down late last year. But as Jon Stew would say “B*tch am back”!. Okay I need to get up to speed from Jan 1st 2013.

  269. back, that’s fantastic,
    I may be as nearly elated as you are but y’know being British we don’t show it so well.
    You, I can feel your joy from here.

  270. Thanks Glenn! Didn’t get much done in the office yesterday…what with trying to catch up with what I missed early in the month… I think the title of this blog should be renamed to “How to watch the daily show with Jon Stewart outside the US”… Took me a while to get here. All in all, I have your link posted on my FB page…Making a lot of folks extremely happy…Now if only Arsenal would take down Chelsea this weekend…my week would be perfect! COYG!

  271. back’s back!
    Yes, sorry, that UK in the title is sort of fixed in time and space now.
    When I wrote it I would never have dreamt that this would be seen by so many outside the UK, but I’ve had hits from almost every country in the World. Never a single one from China or North Korea though, funny that.
    And fyi, I’ve had 11 from Kenya so far today, so you’re a good man.
    Even if you do support Arsenal.

  272. Right on righteye, nothing else will do.
    We demand the truthiness, the whole truthiness and nothing but the truthiness.
    Oh, and The Daily Show obviously.

  273. Cheers mate! very clear instructions. Haven’t actually tried it yet (already moved on to your next article for Hulu, which i didn’t even know about! Happy days!)
    Had made my peace with not having access to the Daily Show a long long time ago, after a brief encounter on holiday in the states. Then i saw John Stewart’s appeal or whatever you might call it to Kim Jong Un.. Brilliant! Well chuffed to be able to tune in again.

    Thanks! 😀

  274. Remo,
    Thank you, I’m very pleased to be of help.
    I wonder how Kim Jon Un would react if he saw Jon’s bit to camera 3 like we did. Would he see the sense in it or would he just start firing nukes off in a fit of pudgy Korean pique.
    Mind you, if he did see it that would mean he’d have to have done so on the internet, which would mean he’d had to have used Modify Headers, which would mean he might have used MY instructions, which means…oh MY GOD, I might be the cause of THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!
    Crap, my wife blames me for everything already.

  275. Can you beat them these days Moz?
    I wouldn’t risk it with my servant, I know she’d hit back harder and then divorce me.

  276. We’re all beautiful people here Steve.
    But it seems there’s a lot of curious ones as well.
    Because it’s the first day after John Oliver started hosting the Daily Show and you’re one of 3 times the usual amount of visitors this post receives…always a very healthy figure anyway.
    And by crikey I think all your visits will be worth it, our boy did brilliantly.
    I watched it twice to make sure.

  277. Ah, bless you for saying so block.
    I like to think I rock as well, unfortunately as I get older, reality is telling me it’s more of a rattle.

  278. You’re brilliant! Back with the Daily show team once again. Used to have it on firefox until it got updated then the allowable header bar disappeared. Here I am again…Thank you for the life saver Glenn

  279. Aw shucks Mark, you’re very welcome.
    I don’t know how long you’ve been cut adrift like that but I’m glad I could help you back onboard.

  280. I love you, man.

    I’ve missed lots of episodes of TDS even though it’s on Comedy Central now – frequently clashes with things my other half or the kids record, or just seems to not record at all… and the last couple of weeks it doesn’t seem to have been on at all. And Colbert isn’t even on over here. I’m now happily catching up on both. Cheers, dude.

  281. See Paddy, this is what happens when you give women and kids access to the remote control. Bloody chaos.
    Glad I could help out, and I love you too man.

  282. DId something change?
    I did everything according to the instructions. However, the “only in US” message still pops up to great frustration!

  283. Hi Sarah,
    No, nothing’s changed, but then again I’m replying to this from Japan so I’m not really in a position to check at the moment. I suspect however if something had really changed yours wouldn’t be the only message of frustration. Shame you’re not in Japan yourself, I just checked and I can watch it on the internet over here without any jiggery pokery whatsoever.
    And I thought it was good here even before I found that out.

  284. The Craic is back!
    But alas I can’t help, not least since I’m in Japan right now. The thought occurred however, since you’re responding to a Netflix problem on the ‘Modify Headers’ solution page, don’t have MH turned on when you’re using Media Hint, they might be clashing with each other. Good luck.

  285. Hope you are having a great time in Japan, Glenn. I just needed to update my add-ons and all is well. Just saved myself £44 pm on my cable bill, too. Nearly ready to cut the cord!

  286. Thanks Craic, glad you’re sorted.
    Japan is fantastic and thankfully I’m well away from anywhere with wind issues at the moment.
    Mind you, some of the local restaurants I’ve visited have food that can cause typhoons of their own.

  287. I am having the same problem as Sarah (above), it was working fine last time I used it but now won’t.

    Sad. 😦

    Will try some fixes.

  288. OK, all better.

    To Sarah, check that you have got step 7 in the guide configured properly – ie press start using the smiley face. I also reset all the browser choices to default too as I think some infobar or similar may have been interfering.

  289. They/And,
    Well/Done. Thanks for saying you’re all sorted now and indeed for trying to help Sarah too.
    So while I am in Japan I hereby deputise you as Problem Solver in Chief.
    You’ll do great and it’s only for a few more days anyway.
    And it always has been more like a 2 man job.

  290. Superb — taken me over a year to get round to sorting this out. Was working in Thailand and so was disappointed when I couldn’t get access to TDS back in the UK from August 2012. Daily Show is awesome.

  291. A year!!
    Shit, now I gotta make the instructions even easier!
    Welcome back STevO, but hold on, you were in lovely Thailand AND you could watch the Daily Show.
    I would have stayed.

  292. They’re plenty easy for me, you sir are a king, or at least a duke. New Zealand just got dropped from the normal access so your info was a godsend.

  293. Bless you Kieran, I’m very pleased I could help a Kiwi brother.
    But you don’t have to bestow me any nobility.
    My wife the Queen makes sure I’ve no need for anything like that.

  294. Another Kiwi eternally grateful, especially for keeping the instructions up to date and easy to follow.

    Now please excuse me while I go see what Messrs. Stewart and Colbert have been up to…

  295. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong here, but my new laptop (windows 8.1) will, once I added firefox and mod headers, is happy to play the first segment of TDS but freezes at the ad break for all eternity (with the annoying message your content will return shortly). It used to be I had to pause Ghostery to get the show to continue on the old machine, but even that isn’t working this time. Any suggestions?

  296. Hi Ron,
    Mmmm, no idea what is actually causing the problem but if the ad is the catalyst, just remove the ad. Let’s face it, they’re bloody annoying anyway, So download another excellent add-on called AdBlock Plus. It gets 5 star reviews for blocking all sorts of crap and in relation to TDS it’s like the ads never happen, Jon just goes to break and comes right back.
    Failing that, perhaps try watching it on Chrome with the alternative ‘Modify Headers’ called ‘ModHeader’. The instructions for that method are in my comment on 18th June 2012.
    And a word to the wise, they have AdBlock Plus for Chrome too.

  297. I should have mentioned it happened both before AND after I installed AdBlock Plus. I’m leaning towards something with Windows 8 (or the fact that I stupidly bought a new laptop without checking the CPU speed, foolishly thinking newer = faster. Nooo. Half the speed of my broken one!).

    I might try playing with Flash settings and anything else I can think of. If I get it working I’ll post my solution.

  298. Hi Ron,
    Ah, well good luck and let us know if you can at least watch Jon with the ‘Chrome’ or the ‘Hulu’ method
    Otherwise I feel frustration will signal this laptop being broken as well.

  299. Thanks for the update Ron, I’m glad something works on that laptop of yours.
    And Jack you’re very lucky boy.
    Ron obviously has a higher threshold to lazy questions that you can search for yourself than I have…and Lord knows this page is testament that mine is pretty high to start with.

  300. Happy new year Glenn! It’s been a year since I stumbled upon this here “cure” to the land of truthness! And I am happy to report still enjoying Jon Stew every single day! You should be knighted my friend! Cheers!

  301. Back’s back again!
    And the best of 2014 to you mate and thank you, because that makes two of us who think I should be knighted by now.
    But you know what, I bet they’ll give a knighthood to David Beckham before I’ll ever get one. I mean, he even got sent off against Argentina in the World Cup ’98, I never did.
    It’s so unfair.

  302. Hi I am using the chrome version of the modheader and it works, I use it to watch my favourite music show ” That Metal Show” on VH1 on my macbook pro running snow leopard

    I did download a brand new firefox browser but it just will not work with flash at all, and it seems its a common problem!

    The worry I had was that the mod header for chrome can access all my data, I didnt like the sound of that at all, especially thinking about when i am using paypal and ebay and other online shopping. anyway I turnit off in the extensions pane when I am not actively watching a show so hopefully this will alleviate any snooping.

    would be interested to hear your comments on this, should I perhaps delete this app and not watch my fave program. best wishes…..Paul Devon England

  303. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the long comment. I can only reiterate what I’ve mentioned on other occasions here, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I’ve certainly used ModHeaders with no problems but more reassuring than that is surely Chrome would never have accepted it as an official browser add-on in the first place if they thought there was something to worry about.
    It’s a shame that it’s not working on Firefox though…I take it you mean using Modify Headers as the same sort of add-on for that browser, because it works fine for me and most others. Believe me, I would soon hear about it otherwise.
    Because I would say to any who are very cautious about such things, that whichever browser you DON’T USE for online shopping and other financial stuff, just treat that one as your ‘Watching US TV Browser.’
    Quite apart from any security aspect, very likely it doesn’t have the host of other add-ons your ‘main browser’ has either, so it can speed up watching the videos.
    Anyway, I hope you are suitably reassured.
    Now pick up that air guitar and rock out with your wotsit out.
    I do, frequently.

  304. Gern geschehen, danke schön aus England.
    (And if this doesn’t mean ‘You’re welcome, thank you from England’, you can directly blame Google Translate)

  305. No, no Rina, I should be the saying Takk to the citizens of Sweden, I’m a big ‘The Bridge’ fan.
    How could Saga turn Martin in like that?!
    Can’t wait for series 3.

  306. Afraid to tell you this but it does not work. The message, warning you that you are in another country doesn’t come up. However there is a gray icon with a rotating circle of white index lines that just keeps loading forever.

    No success here on latest Firefox and Win 8.1.

    Any thoughts or advice on this?


  307. Please ignore my last post. All working neat and nice now. A reload did the job. Puuuuurrrfect…! 😉

    Thanks for the post and helping out people.

  308. No problem Safe,
    Actually I’d seen your first message and was already formulating a response so I was very happy to see your second one.
    I could make this reply lot shorter.

  309. Very cool of you to take this much time to help people out, but unfortunately it hasn’t worked for me. I’ve downloaded ModHeader several times, restarted Chrome as well as the computer (mac) itself, but nothing ever happens when I click the icon on the browser. Nothing appears, no window or fields to put any info in. And I’ve checked everytime that ModHeader was enabled. Tried disabling and re-enabling it, tried all variations of checking the boxes beneath it (in the extensions menu) and I’ve also downloaded Change HTTP Request Header and got the same results–clicking on the icon in the top right of the browser does absolutely nothing.
    Any advice?

  310. Hi Kish,
    So you’ve downloaded ModHeader, and it must have because its icon appears to the right of the address bar, but nothing happens when you click it?
    Now that is very peculiar behaviour, I have no idea why that should be.
    To be honest though, I’m a committed Firefox user so I know about the intricacies of Modify Headers but less about the inner workings of ModHeader, except to publicize it. But I’ve been playing with the settings of my own copy of ModHeader via the Chrome top menu bar Window > Extensions and you’re doing all the right things.
    I can only suggest you try watching on Firefox using Modify Headers. That definitely works.

  311. Yeah, I can right-click on it and it’ll give me options like ‘disable’ and ‘inspect pop-up’ but clicking normally does absolutely nothing. Either way, I appreciate your reply. I’ll give Firefox a shot.
    Thanks again!

  312. Thank you so much for this. I can’t believe that I can actually watch The Daily Show again from the Netherlands. I mean, the US ; ). We have a Dutch version of Comedy Central where you could watch episodes as well, but the quality was abysmal and they were always a week behind. Thank you!

  313. Quite right Hermien.
    All the advantages of being an American without the gun violence, the costly healthcare system, corrupt politics, Fox News and only having two weeks paid holiday a year.
    You wonder why they stay.

  314. You said it, mister!

    The weird thing is though, I can watch TDS but when I try BBC iplayer it still says “get lost!”. Any idea why this trick works for TDS but not for the iplayer, or 4OD for that matter?

  315. Ah, well you see the very method that is convincing the US channel that you’re in America is also telling iPlayer and 4oD that you’re in America. Therefore you will be rejected with extreme prejudice by the UK channels. But you may just be ok with another means to watch US TV I give instructions for…

    Specifically I wrote this different post to showcase a way of watching Hulu with an add-on called Media Hint but it apparently works for watching the best channels from all over the World.
    Try it, it might work.

  316. Ah, I didn’t know that the add-on made it look like I was based in the US (I assumed it was just some kind of magic).

    I’ve installed Media Hint now and it seems to work, at least on iPlayer, but it’s a paid thing now, so not sure if it’s worth it since I’m super poor at the moment : ). But it’s absolutely great to know that it’s possible! So thank you once again!

  317. And I didn’t know that Media Hint now costs $3.95 a month for what it used to do for free, apparently that started in April.
    Oh well, glad I could help with your essential viewing anyway.

  318. Bitte schön Johannes.
    Everything really is going right for you over there isn’t it.
    Now even the blocks on Comedy Central videos will open up like the Brazilian defense.

  319. My pleasure Parthi, have a Big THANK YOU! back from England for your comment.
    But I still hope you lose the next 2 Tests.

  320. Thaaank yooooooou!!! (from Norway) I used to be able to watch Daily Show and Colbert Report until a couple of months ago, but then it randomly became unavailable in my country and lately I have been DYING without my fix! Love this. Love iiiiit. Thanks.

  321. Norway! No way!
    I’m kidding, actually I saw myself the irate comments below episodes on the C.C. sites that they had cut the access from previously allowed countries.
    I wondered then if I’d be getting more continental visitors, and boy have I.
    And I love it too, apart from the extra hits, I’m learning to say “You’re Welcome” in so many other languages.
    Vær så god Kristin. (Just don’t ask me to pronounce it!)

  322. “…by Googling something like the title above.” – Exactly what I did and what a surprise to find their might be a solution. Here is to hoping it works …

  323. Well it ain’t the filter SPS, nothings changed there and mine is working just fine still.
    So if you’ve not been playing with the settings on Modify Headers, it must be something on your computer that’s changed.
    And with nothing to go on, have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again?
    Always worked on The IT Crowd.

  324. any idea how to access from Kenya? i see that most of these responses are from Europe. Except the Indian ones…will this same process work for me do you think? thanks.

  325. Liz, I do believe you’re going to be in luck, from all accounts it works wherever you are in the World.
    And specifically one of those accounts being from someone else in Kenya, in a comment on here on January 17th 2013, and he seemed very happy.
    Only one way to find out for sure though.

  326. That’s great Nate,
    And it’s just as awesome to know that I’m being found Worldwide and the instructions do work from anywhere.
    I always did want to benefit mankind.

  327. I enjoyed reading your replies here, you convey great personality, thanks for the fix. I remember being rather distraught a few years ago of not being able to watch Jon online. Your page wasn’t number two in the search back then!

  328. Bless you Dean, what a nice thing to say, I do try to add a bit more than just a ‘You’re Welcome’.
    But now you’ve found the way to watch Jon again, make sure you catch up on Colbert too while you still can.
    It’s his last show tonight and as far as I’m concerned, his is the greatest ‘personality’ of all.
    A Nation mourns. I know I do.

  329. Still great! For some reason, my VPN (which works fine on other US sides) didn’t work for the Daily Show and your instructions really made my day! 🙂 Works fine now.
    Thumbs up from Germany. 🙂

  330. You are a truly wonderful human being. I only heard about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert recently, and I was getting so frustrated with only being able to find odd clips on YouTube, so finding this article has really made my day! Thank you so much!

  331. My pleasure Pescie, I love that I’m found all around the World.
    And hopefully this will still be the gift that keeps on giving – even when Jon has stepped down as host.
    Something I assume you must have heard about, I did and that will forever be one of those ‘Remember where you were moments’ when I found out.
    Specifically, reading my iPad astride the toilet.
    Talk about shit news.

  332. Glenn

    Quite a specific request. I’m a devotee of the HBO show Treme. However I missed the final series – only 5 episodes. The last 3 episodes are available in the UK on Sky Demand. But they oddly aren’t showing the first 2. Do you have access to Treme on Hulu?


  333. Hi Jonathan,
    Alas I’m not in a position to let you know, as you find me on holiday right now. And I know I wrote about the joys of Hulu via Media Hint but I haven’t actually used it in yonks, and these days it’s not free access, there’s a monthly fee for it. I think you may just have to wait for a little while until they put it on demand as a ‘boxed set.

  334. Wow – thanks buddy! I’m a New Zealander and it worked here for me too =) much obliged

  335. Really happy to hear it Michael.
    Actually I visited your beautiful country in January for the first time, Auckland to Wellington and staying at Rotarua and Napier on the way and I loved it. I will definitely be back even if I am still pink from the sunburn I got. Jeez, your sun is strong down there.
    ‘Cause next time I will have learned never go in a natural hot spring when you have sunburn, it stings like f@#k!

  336. Bless you Into, I’ve shown my wife your comment and said why have you never told me that!
    I tell you, there’s no pleasing that woman.
    Anyway, you are very welcome, and now there’s one more thing you can do in Medellin.
    (I’ve been reading your blog…very good)

  337. Hahah tell your wife to work on that Glenn! Aaah thanks a lot, just put it online, quite a newby at blogging still. Haha yes I just decided I want to watch ALL daily show episodes from scratch. I should stop doing this.

  338. I did tell her, she turned round and said I should work on that!
    Curses, I hate being beaten by logic.
    But do keep up the blogging, it takes time (which I have little of these days) and commitment (also a dwindling resource) but after reading your blog I know at least that part is no problem for you. And as for the time, between watching Jon and all the other things you want to do, I’d say it’s Nietzsche that can wait.
    Trust me, there’s a lot less laughs.
    (I’ve added this link to your blog, this page gets quite high page rank…I mean, you found me and you’re in Columbia! Even with commitment, the incentive of potentially more readers helps too.)

  339. huh wait, what did you add where? sorry haha i ain’t very technical either. hahah poor nietzsche, but Jon goes first, that’s for sure. never started the blog to get lots of readers, but you’re right, that might be a good incentive actually, maybe i should work on that as well 🙂 don’t know how though…

  340. Er, it was a link to your site in my last comment just after I said ‘I’ve added this link…’.
    But that’s ok, since the byline of your blog says you’re trying to ‘figure out life’, we can just include WordPress as well.
    As for readers, sure there are ways to write for Google but most of all, do what you’re doing now, write for yourself.
    Just if you have Facebook and Twitter, at least announce on there you have a new post.
    Your friends will enjoy it I’m sure and gradually the word can spread outwards as well.
    To paraphrase Kevin Costner ‘If you write it, they will come’. If not sod ’em, it’s more of a personal journal anyway.
    And you’ve already acquired one extra reader. Me.

  341. Thank you!
    Been watching Month of Zen for a week and apparently today was the day they decided to geoblock the stream …
    But thankfully, only a couple quick clicks and I can watch again.
    Thanks again!

  342. Thank you so, so, so much! Stupid Sky has taken off the Daily Show and I can’t bear not to see JS’s last few episodes. I am so grateful!

  343. No thank you Jena. I’ve been watching some clips from Month of Zen as well, I saw a ‘Back in Black’ segment from 2001 and while Jon is noticeably older now, I tell ya Lewis Black has hardly changed at all, that man must have been crumpled from birth.
    But if you’re on a Daily Show nostalgia kick may I recommend an episode that was like none other from April 2011, Jon’s show long reaction when Glenn Beck announced he was leaving Fox News. This is a link to the first part of that glorious episode, there’s 3 more parts on the same page. Watch them all, I remember pee’ing myself laughing at this.
    And of course another perennial idiot that kept on giving is Donald Trump, and you really should see Jon’s response to him after he took Sarah Palin for a pizza…no, really, he did.
    I soiled myself watching this one too.

  344. I know Sam, more specifically it was Comedy Central that dropped the Daily Show from its schedule…the US network that makes it in the first place! That is beyond stupid.
    Hasn’t hurt me though, the closer it gets to Jon’s last show, the more and more people are finding this page.
    And I am so grateful.

  345. That’s alright Nadine. Actually with you starting off by ‘Ohhhhhhh yes, yes, yes!!!’ it looked more a case of auto erotica.

  346. I wish I had seen this long ago! Its great to be able to watch Stewart again from the UK. Many MANY thanks.

  347. I wish you’d seen me earlier too Mid, but better late than never, right?
    That’s also what I tell the wife when I procrastinate about decorating the bedroom.

  348. Yep, I can confirm you’re not alone Steve and Tsveta, it’s not working for me either and I tried with Modify Headers in Firefox and ModHeader in Chrome. Also a big spike in people visiting this post in the last 24 hours suggests that it’s effecting many others too.
    Ever the optimist of course this might be a temporary issue with Comedy Central, it has happened before and all was thought lost then too.
    The fear is this time they’ve done it and mean it, the bastards.

  349. Something people may want to try. I installed Stealthy, as recommended above, then turned it off once the video started. It solved the speed issues you would expect with a proxy. It may stop at each break and need to be restarted though, I didn’t experiment.

  350. As I had been watching every episode ever, Currently on Sep 2008, I am devastated. Had to actually watch a couple of Movies last night….

  351. Sadly, doesn’t work anymore for me either. Though it’s helped me tremendously throughout the years!
    Fortunately I’ve found a way around.
    I found a free VPN I was happy with (SecurityKiss in my case). I connect to a US server before launching the episode then disconnect as soon as the commercials start playing (this way I’m not limited by the 300Mo daily allowance on the free plan). Works like a charm for the whole episode.

  352. Hi EJ, Thanks for the input, you’re a good man for posting that info.
    I too have a bad feeling Comedy Central have finally lost their sense of humour about this little workaround, it’s not like a secret only found on the Dark Web is it. It’s certainly a dark day.
    There is always the VPN way like you found and I may well investigate further options myself. But I also throw it open to anybody so inclined to add their own creative methods of still watching the Daily Show on here. So please treat this as a forum everybody.
    At the very least, it can act as a support group.

  353. While I make to claims to the safety/security of this software, I have recently found Ultrasurf (.US). It is not installed so does not change system setings (It DOES change the Proxy settings).

    After 24 hours I can say it works perfectly.

    A few notes, I tried using the browser that it uses (IE), the videos did not load. I closed that and went back to chrome, looking for something else and found that the Videos were now working.

    I also found that when the program was closed I could not get on-line. I now know that it is because the proxy setting were changed, simple enough to fix.

    If anyone knows of bad info with this software, I would be grateful to know.

    For me it works (I am in the UK).

    I am back to watching Every Episode EVER!

  354. Hi Shane,
    Thanks for that, that’s good input.
    And from what you described, Ultrasurf looked quite promising but in my due diligence mode I did some searching and not all reviews have been so positive. One called it malware and recommended anybody with it removed it, although admittedly that was something posted 6 years ago. It’s in this link below.

    Now, like Shane’s own disclaimer, I don’t know enough about it to say if it’s actually ok or not and since it’s only for Internet Explorer and I’m on a Mac, I wouldn’t be be to use it anyway. That and speaking as a web designer who HATES bloody Internet Explorer, I wouldn’t use it just on principle.
    I did find something else similar for Chrome though. It’s an add-on called ZenMate, through Chrome’s add-on store, so presumably it has had some vetting.

    It’s freemium, so you can either use it for free or pay for a better service/speed but it doesn’t look too bad to me. Perhaps someone will let us know for sure.

  355. Hi 39,
    Sorry, you must have thought I’d rejected you but as just a comment with 2 links it got caught up in the spam filter.
    Nevertheless, you’re right to remind us we can watch TDS on Comedy Central on satellite and cable and your second link is even more pertinent. It may point to Trevor’s reaction to Paris but it’s also the page on CC’s UK site that at least shows some clips from recent shows, even if it’s not the full episode.
    Something’s better than nothing I suppose.

  356. As I mentioned in my previous post, I AM using Chrome, that is how I found out it works.

    I still using it with no problems.

  357. Yes Alex, We are all too sadly aware.
    Hope is fading that this is a temporary setback, I think in a few days I’m gonna have to say at the start of the post that it’s all over.

  358. I can confirm that you only have to beat the region check to start the show. After that you can watch the entire show. This means if you use a VPN you can just turn it off after the show starts.

    To this end I started using TunnelBear. They give you 500 Megs free each month, and an extra Terrabyte each month if you Tweet about them. More than enough to start the show and turn it off every night.

    Hope this helps guys.

  359. And we have a winner!
    All bow down and kiss Archbishop Shaggy’s ring, for he is our saviour and shown us the new way.
    Because I can confirm I have checked into TunnelBear, have been reassured that it is very legit, downloaded the extension for Google Chrome which is practically instant and points to the US by default, signed up – which only requires 3 bits of info, received an email back to claim the 500megs of free data and from there went directly to The Daily Show website for the latest full episode which came on straight away!!!
    It was like the moment of elation I had back in 2011 when I found the Modify Headers way.
    And as Shaggy says you can then easily turn off TunnelBear to save your data allocation with the icon that will have appeared at the top right of Chrome’s browser window, you only need it on to commence viewing.
    Of course it’s early days but from what I’ve seen so far, if you need your Daily Show fix again, TunnelBear seems to be a very safe and viable way to go.
    Thank you Archbishop Shaggy, you really are Mr Boombastic.
    Everybody else, make sure you have Chrome open and this link below is your new easy way of watching The Daily Show. Enjoy.

    NB. If you’re so inclined, I’ve just tried it and this method works on full episodes for Stephen Colbert and James Corden too. Just remember to turn the TunnelBear button off after the shows start.
    You may be well be needing all the free data you can get.

  360. Thanks for the shoutout Glenn!

    Glad that others could find this useful. Just wanted to add that on top of the Chrome extension, there is a standalone program you can download as well that works through all browsers. It pops up a little console with a quick an easy off/on switch, as well as other control panel stuff. Pretty sure there is a Firefox extension version as well. I was super sad when they went and blocked the old workaround, but with my new free time after work managed to find this.

    I really should also give a shout out to EJ back there in the comments, as his mention that he disconnected his VPN after the show started and could still watch was what gave me the inspiration for how to use Tunnel Bear without needing to pay for unlimited bandwidth.

  361. There’s a easy way to make it work: install Hola extension on Chrome. I know Avast gives some warning for it, but Hole makes it work again! You should give it a try!

  362. PS – When you disconnect, at least using the standalone program, it may cause a temporary connection blip which may cause the video to pause for buffering. You have not been disconnected from the video, just wait a couple secs and it will resume playing.

  363. Also just realized I said extra Terabyte, when I meant extra gigabyte. You get and 1 Gig each month for tweeting about them.

  364. Hi, Me again.

    I have to say this is getting silly.

    The software I previously mentioned is not an add-on, is not installed. and there are no limits.

    You do not need to ‘turn it off’.

    I am still using it with no problems.

    If you doubt me, use a Clean system to test it.

    I watch the “Clips” to enable me to watch all the episodes (EVER!) from the start. (I am assuming you know what I am talking about).

    It is not feasible to turn off the software after every clip starts.

    The piece of software I mentioned DOES work, and (I believe) is safe. I have not heard of any truth to the rumours you mentioned. Nor have I witnessed anything going wrong with my system. I am not a novice with computers.

    Thanks for your time.


  365. I say, Sky cocks up your broadband connection for one day and when you come back all digital hell is let loose.
    Shane, if you like Ultrasurf you keep using it, this is not a competition.
    Shaggy, don’t worry, we knew what you meant. I did see that TunnelBear does come with its own app, there is no Firefox extension though, but then if you do download the app you can use any popular browser to watch content.
    Essentially it’s a paid VPN at the end of the day, reasonably priced too, with the free option for lighter users and I don’t mind tweeting once a month to get the extra gig of usage out of it. TunnelBear deserves it, it’s a very slick, really easy to use product whether it’s the app or just the Chrome extension. That’s the one I’ll be watching TDS with at least.
    So, Shaggy thank you again for the follow up comments.
    Et tu Brutus.

  366. Glenn, I just think that it is stupid to bother with limits, having to turn on and off, having to pay, slow speeds etc when you do not have to. (I am not referring to any software in particular.)

    that is all.

    I will keep using it, but thanks for your input.


  367. Hi there,
    I think the issue is not with CC.

    I remember from before, with this extension enabled my IP was altered (if i googled “my ip” it showed the altered one, not my real one).
    Now if I enable your extension and google “my ip”, it shows my real ip.

    This leads me to think something else was changed. Perhaps some code expert could find another loophole and make it work again.

  368. I would really like you to be right mtx, but I have my doubts. Because I’ve tried Modify Headers on Firefox and ModHeaders on Chrome and both don’t connect anymore. If it was just the one it may have been a glitch but both being unable to unlock the videos from the same date means it’s more likely a proper CC block.
    But at least we have TunnelBear now.

  369. Oh yeah Arganoid, it’s important to click that button off to save your data, ’cause TunnelBear lets you see so much more than ModifyHeaders ever did..
    As a proper VPN it’s also allowing me to check Netflix in multiple countries. (Of course you need a UK subscription but that lets you in Netflix anywhere) For instance I’ve just looked at Swedish Netflix to see if there’s any decent Scandi Noir. There isn’t, but it definitely has different content than Netflix UK.
    And no, I wasn’t looking for porn.

  370. Hi Craic and Robert,
    Thanks for the input and sorry I haven’t replied earlier.
    I have however been a very poorly bunny, racked with symptoms far too gruesome, and wet, to describe here.
    So I haven’t had the strength to research Hola Free VPN myself but if it is helping some folk to watch TDS again, that makes me feel at least a little better.

  371. OK, Tunnel Bear works! I think the idea is that for the free version you start watching then turn off Tunnel Bear so you stay within the time constraints of the free version.

  372. Tunnel Bear works great. Just have it turned on to start a video on CC, or a site like Netflix, and then click it off to save precious bandwidth once it has. As a free method I can’t see a better one being out there.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to talk to God again on the porcelain telephone.

  373. I don’t have to switch off the one I use as is completely free, with no limits. Some have argued (without doing research) that the program is a virus. I personally have been watching all the episodes from the start of the show with no problems. (In clip format, as they removed the timeline).

    I leave it up to the website host whether to mention it or not. (Btw, I am now watching season 18, Ocober 24 – Dakota Meyer).

    Shane Redwood

  374. Mention anything you want Sean.
    And something you might have mentioned is this method you use. At the end of the 24 hour cycle though, it doesn’t matter, I’m very happy with Tunnel Bear but if anybody wants to promote other means to watch TDS, and anything else, my blog is your blog. Just no smut ok.

  375. Hello to every body, it’s my first visit of this weblog;
    this website includes amazing and in fact excellent stuff in support of visitors.

  376. Don’t be mean Sean, that squiggell guy sends me mail all the time and is usually even more complimentary. I don’t know how that one slipped through my humility filter.

  377. Hi Shahin. You’re quite right, it doesn’t work anymore but that’s the fault of Comedy Central who blocked this little workaround. I say that in the update at the top of my post. But I also say of another method to view, expanded upon in the comments on 2nd Dec 2015. Check that out, that way does work still.

  378. Rather than tunnel bear which limits the amount of data you could use opera browser which has a free and unlimited vpn built into it

    On android they also have a vpn app that will redirect all your traffic through a location of your choosing – doing that allows you to download the comedy central app which can then be used to stream the daily show to a Chromecast

  379. Actually, a correction: in order to cast it to a Chromecast you need to screen mirror rather than normal casting since otherwise the Chromecast would be trying to directly access the stream and would be recognised as not being in the US

  380. I am currently happy with tunnel bear, but I would love to know more about the Opera VPN. I just tried it, is there a version that works on the iPad?

  381. Well Simon, thanks I must say for the information. I haven’t even looked at this my own blog for months myself, so your contribution is very welcome.
    Anyway, I’ve long liked Opera as a browser, but simply got out of the habit of using it and I was unaware about the VPN facility. I have to say though this method doesn’t work for me. I tried it on Netflix US and Amazon Prime US and I can’t play anything because the warning page to disable my unblocker or proxy pops up, which is the very thing I can’t of course. Truth be told I haven’t tried it with Tunnel Bear either for a while and that’s the same outcome. Not surprising really as Netflix has put the mockers on most VPN’s from unlocking its regional content over this last year, any free ones are never gonna get through.
    Personally though I cant keep up with everything I can watch from here let alone go fishing for it over there too.
    Still appreciate your input however.

  382. I am trying out PenguinProxy and it’s working well. The setup was simple, didn’t ask for any info, just install it and turn it on when I need it.

  383. Good grief, people are still looking at this site!
    Even I haven’t looked at this site since a comment sent to me in Oct 2017. What can I say, I’m a bad blogger these days.
    But thank you very much for the comment Adelie, very nice of you. I’ve just had a quick look at Penguin Proxy myself and it’s a free VPN, or at least free right now, so it could well work as you say.
    But it certainly looks legit and worthwhile checking out and anyone can get to it via this link to Penguin Proxy
    Thanks again Adelie. You might have helped where I can’t find the time anymore.

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