Hire Xtremis Web Design

Xtremis Web Design is THE GREATEST web design company in the World, or at least the one started in 2007 and in my house…as for the greatest bit, it’s fair to say that’s an ongoing work in progress.

But there is nothing wrong with lofty ambition right?


After all, being a fledgling enterprise doesn’t mean you can’t still be very good at what you do. And actually being a ‘one man band’ means that I can provide the personalised approach to business that larger firms would struggle to.

So I would say that for a client it’s actually a good thing that this is a young, small business, plus it follows that your patronage means so much more to me I’ll do everything I can to make you happy with my service.

Because even if Xtremis is never the greatest web design company in the World, that certainly won’t stop me being the greatest one to my clients.

Which is what I really want anyway.

For a little taster of what I do, take a look at this video. Or to read about all the excellent services I provide you can visit my website, Web Design Northampton

Did I mention, my rates are very competitive too.



4 thoughts on “Hire Xtremis Web Design

  1. I love your video! Congratulations on being the best web design company started in your house in 2007!!!

  2. Thank you Caz, it’s very nice of you to say so.
    Although in truth there really isn’t that much competition about being the best web company in my house, unless my Mrs has secretly set up a rival company.
    I wonder, perhaps that’s the reason she shouts at me when I use her computer.

  3. I don’t understand how to contact you… there’s like no contact form anywhere 🙂

  4. Hi Vladi,
    You can’t actually set up a contact form on one of these if they’re hosted on WordPress’s own site, well, none I know of at least, and anyway these comments are the means to exchange messages on here.
    But if you want to send me a more discreet communication you can go to my contact page on the Xtremis Web Design site and I’d be happy to respond to your enquiry.

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