Keyboard shortcuts to save you more than just time.

OK, more Keyboard Shortcuts for you now.

There’s no doubt that when you learn them they are a great way to navigate through your computer life.

The trouble is that there are so many different ones, they’re always presented as a job-lot of a hundred and, even if you could be bothered, it’s too confusing to learn them all.

Well not here, I’m going to be gentle with you and present just a small group of the most useful ones at a time.

Our first lesson will be about Browser Shortcuts and you know that you have to hit the combination of keys together don’t you, of course you do.

Alright then, have a practice with these…

  1. Ctrl + T will open a new browser tab for you
  2. Ctrl + Shift + T will re-open any tab you’ve closed during your current browsing session, back in reverse order from the last one you exited. Extremely handy if the wife walked by and you quickly had to close those Singles dating sites you were looking at.
  3. Ctrl + F allows you to find a word or phrase on a webpage like you can in a Word Program. Press the two keys, a little menu bar appears, tap your word into it and now every instance of it on the page becomes highlighted. Useful for targeting location information on a dating site for instance.
  4. Ctrl + K is a Firefox only one but it will immediately place your cursor into the browser’s search bar. For the times you need to look up a local address or restaurant and hotel information perhaps.
  5. Ctrl + Shift + Delete is another Firefox one but it will bring up a dialog box that allows you to delete your browsing history. Good for security, is a nice reset for getting the newest versions of web pages and absolutely bloody vital for keeping the wife from killing you.

Happy browsing people.



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