Bookmarklets – tiny icons of one click convenience.

Bookmarklets, what are they then?

Obviously something to do with bookmarking websites but what’s the difference between them and the usual variety?

Well the first difference is that they only come in Firefox flavour, so if you still insist on sticking with Internet Explorer you can ignore this post.

This is not an opportunity to bash Microsoft, because IE7 is ok and version 8 is just around the corner, but if you want a browser that’s faster and more secure NOW and probably in the future too, then what the hell are you doing sticking with Internet Explorer!

Anyway, now that I’m done not bashing Microsoft, back to our bookmarklet lesson.

Bookmarklets are little icons and text that conveniently live ON your browser, not IN your browser, so they are in plain view all the time.

And there’s a very good chance that you see them already but don’t realise what they are or how to add your own.

So if you’re on Firefox now, look at the screen-space directly below the navigation toolbar…where you type in the url address, folks.

Over to the left you should see icons for Most Visited, Getting Started and Latest Headlines.

(If you don’t there’s just one extra little step, go to the menu bar at the top, click View, choose the Toolbars option and then Bookmarks Toolbar)

Those are the bookmarklets.

Ok, here’s the cool bit, just click down on the tab you have open for this website, or any other, drag it to the space on the right of ‘Latest Headlines’ and let go (or do the same with the small favicon icon next to the url address)

You saw that right?, you saw that little divider appear and now the icon and the website name is right there under the nav bar.

Well, my friend, you have just created your first bookmarklet, a simple, one click link to you favorite websites.

Or use them like I do, as temporary visual earmarks for those sites not deserving of ‘permanent’ bookmarks but useful at a given time.

To delete them, it’s just the usual right mouse click and choose delete. And if you do right click on that Bookmark Bar you’ll see options to create folders as well, but if you’re going that far may I recommend my Only2Clicks post to you.

And that’s all there is to them, very simple but very useful.

May I suggest as well, yet another reason for using Firefox over Internet Explorer.

Sorry Bill.

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