The Top 10 Reasons Your Website Needs a Redesign.

I like a good Top 10 list, it’s just a nice punchy format to make a point with.

As a big fan of The Late Show with David Letterman (whenever they show it here), I wish I could do this one in classic Dave reverse order, revealing each one in turn for maximum effect.

But frankly I don’t have the budget so please read them from bottom to top and act surprised as you do so.

So here it is, all my own work – The Top 10 reasons your website needs a redesign.

The unofficial no. 11 being my rates are very competitive and I need the work.

And remember, reverse order, starting at no. 10

  1. It’s shit.

  3. It has a hit counter, dummy!
  4. You have a hit counter that only increases when you log on to see if the hit counter has increased.
  5. Your navigational links are more broken than the World Banking System.
  6. You want to project a serious business presence but your main headings have smiley faces next to them.
  7. Rival firms are linking to your website to show how bad it is.
  8. Your content proudly boasts a last updated notice…2006.
  9. The ‘Submit’ button on your e-commerce site isn’t working and nobody’s complained.
  10. The last time your site had a revamp, Google was only a Search Engine.
  11. Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the internet, saw your website and wonders why he bothered.

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