Zamzar. File conversion that converts frustration too.

Right, I’ll be the first to say that this won’t be something you need to use all the time but you’ll be very pleased to know about it when required.

Because we’ve all been faced with the problem of being sent a file or an attachment that you have no means to open on your computer.

You were expecting a document with the file type¬† of .doc but this one might as well be .cotton for all it’s non compatibility with any of the applications on your machine.

Or maybe it’s you with the non typical program so that you need some way of converting those files before sending them yourself.

Well whatever the cause of the problem, there is a way to solve it without anybody having to blush about it afterwards

It’s a rather nifty free service called Zamzar that’s extremely clever but can be simply described. It can convert nearly all the normal computer files into any other one of it’s type.

Or to put it another way, it will covert a one kind of document into another kind of document, an audio file into another, a video file into another or an image format into…well you get the message.

The Zamzar Interface

But I called Zamzar a service because it’s not a program you need to download to your computer.

Rather it’s a web based operation, you just simply just go to the Zamzar website and upload your file. And then once the Zamzar pixies have converted it to your new file type you’ll receive an emailed notification with a link you click on to download it.

Or since you can do really smart stuff like convert YouTube videos to put on your Ipod, just point Zamzar to the correct URL address and it does the same job.

But maybe a more practical example of its usefulness, and one I’ve used myself, is that you can convert a .pdf which shouldn’t be editable, into a Word document so that you can edit it and then just reconvert it back again.

A word to the wise though, Zamzar is exactly what you need sometimes but it needn’t be exactly quick doing it, occasionally it’s taken an hour for those pixies to return a converted file for me.

Nevertheless, as something that’s free and the best of it’s type that I know of, Zamzar can be indispensable.

So go and have a look at it by clicking this link, and view all the conversion possibilities yourself, even if the chances are you won’t recognize or ever need to convert most of them.

But I’m telling you, Zamzar is just what the .doc ordered for when you do.