We7, now have an advert break from the advert break.

If you’ve been paying attention since the second post I ever wrote on here you may already know about a website called We7.

But since only my wife and our cat have been around all that time you could perhaps have a look at my enthusiastic review of the thing by clicking this link to it.

But if you must know, without referring to my purple prose, We7 is a free music site. A free music site that has millions of whole tracks and complete albums to listen to online totally legally.

And the reason it’s all free, and this is the only minor downside, is that between this musical bonanza are very short adverts which generate the income so that We7 can provide such a service at all.

But now you don’t even have to suffer that tiny inconvenience, because you can enjoy the double delight of having the free music and having it advert free for a whole month as well!

That is if you know how to and fortunately I do.

I can’t claim any secret knowledge though as it’s actually courtesy of a promotion that We7 have with the Daily Star newspaper, but since they always say no purchase is necessary I thought I’d giveaway the details here too.

So go to this address we7.com/go/dailystar and if you’re already a member log in on that page, or if not complete the short registration form, then in the box for the Special Promotional Code add this not very secret code 52GWNSW8HB7B.

I have and it works but since I’m not sure how long it will work for, you’d better go and do it now hadn’t you.

Ahem, could I interest you in a free music voucher?

Who wants a free music voucher then eh?

Because it just so happens that I have some to give away, courtesy of my new friend Mr Steve Pardham, the CEO of We7.

That’s right, ever since his comments about my review of WE7, THE GREAT FREE MUSIC SITE*, we’ve also swapped emails and he has generously offered ten £2.50 vouchers codes for me to give away to you my loyal readers.

(*Yes, We7 is a great free music site to listen to on your computer, but to download tracks requires payment, which is where the £2.50 credit comes in. If you don’t know about the many joys of We7 yet, find out by clicking this link)

Anyway, blessedly he is that impressed with my little effort here that he’s helping me to promote myself the old fashioned way, by bribery.

However for me to give you your £2.50 voucher code you have to do two things first…

  1. You have to be registered with We7, but it’s very quick to do and as I keep telling you, IT’S A FREE MUSIC SITE!
  2. You have to leave a comment for me.

Preferably of course with feedback about stuff you like or found useful from this humble blog but I don’t mind anything you have to say. You could just tell me what star sign you are or about a nasty rash you have, I simply want to build a sense of community here.

That is so we all get to know who’s visiting and perhaps for that matter, who we should avoid physical contact with.

But once you add your comment, by either clicking where it says Comments or No Comments below a subject, it also provides me, and only me, your email address and I can privately send you your voucher code.

And don’t worry, I promise there wont be any follow ups with great deals on Viagra or penile enhancement devices, I’m keeping them all for myself.

I may need them for the Russian women who are apparently dying to meet me.

So what are you waiting for, get commenting, it’s first come first served for the vouchers.

You can put ointment on your rash afterwards.

I have a comment for you, and it’s not even mine.

Bloody hell, I’ve arrived!

Because when the CEO of one of the sites you’ve reviewed writes to thank you for it, you can’t help but feel you’re doing something right.

Oh yes, Mr Steve Purdham who is the top man at We7, has personally come to my Blog to read my enthusiasm for his site and left his own comment to me.


And I don’t know if I’m more excited by the fact it was him or that I’ve had my very first comment.

Now I know how Kate Winslet felt when she picked up her 2 Golden Globes, although I’ve always thought she had a fine pair of them already.

Must have been Bafta’s I was thinking of.

Anyway, to read our little discourse, and all about the fabulous We7 site, you can click on this here link.

In fact the good times really are rolling here.

I’ve had my first comments, my analytics tell me I’ve also had my first referral from a search engine, and yesterday I had 8 people look at my Blog.

Yes a whole 8, it’s the big time now baby.

It can’t be long before I have advertisers clamouring for screenspace and Yahoo and Google fighting over me for ownership.

Fear not though, my impartiality, my integrity, and my mission to scour the best of the web so that you don’t have to, shall remain undiminished* (*Subject to large wads of cash)

And I’d like you to be part of it, because now you’ve seen someone else do it I encourage anyone so inclined to leave a comment of their own, you don’t have to be a high flying executive, and all would be equally appreciated.

I may not create a whole new post about what you write but if Bill Gates ever leaves one defending Internet Explorer I will do the following :-

A) Bring it to your attention.

B) Be crapping myself.

We7, the latest music for free, FREE!

Since my last post about Cooliris dealt with sight, let’s focus this time on the issue of sound. More specifically how to hear complete music tracks and the latest whole albums for FREE.

Because I want to introduce to you a website where you can legally access MILLIONS of tracks on demand, in full, and where they are adding up to 30,000 more songs to it’s library each day!

we7a6It’s called We7 and I love it.

But what’s the catch I hear you cry, didn’t the music industry nail Napster for doing the same sort of thing?

They did, but the reason this is legal and has the full backing of the record companies is that We7 are coughing up the royalties and are doing it the way most commercial companies provide free stuff…by advertising.

And that’s the catch but trust me, it’s a very minimal one.

These mini-verts are all placed between tracks, not during them, and last only a few seconds. If you’re playing a whole album from start to finish you might expect these very short messages every 3 songs.

To access all the tracks you only have to visit the we7 website but to really get the most from this free music bonanza requires completing the short registration process.

And once you have it’s like a mini iTunes interface mixed with a mini social networking site. You can browse by genre, search for specific tracks, get suggestions from others and create multiple playlists that We7 remembers and will even allow you to share with friends.

But what you can’t do without actually purchasing the tracks, although you can do that as well with We7, is add the songs to your MP3 Player…that would be asking for too much.

This is a streaming service so you need to be sitting in front of a web browser to play the music. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be at your computer it’s wherever you happen to be online.

Nevertheless as a FREE music source the amount and quality of the content is amazing, but it’s the acesss to new albums that’s the incredible bit.

I haven’t brought a new album for months because of this site, they’ve all been available for free on We7. Even with the advertising revenue I don’t know why the record companies are allowing it.

But that’s their issue, yours is only what to listen to next.

So to hear the new Kings of Leon album, you’ve been given a royal decree.

Aiming for the new Guns N’ Roses album, shoot straight to it.

Dying to listen to the new Killers album, dig in.

Or keen to hear the Same Difference album, not a problem…but I think you may have one.

To mine this free musical motherlode for yourself, just click on this here link www.we7.com