How to perform a DIY enema and other essential knowledge.

Ok then, since my post on Movie Louvre gathered more feedback than anything else I’ve written about, I can spot a trend and I don’t mind pandering to my audience.

So for your kind consideration I invite you to check out another video portal site.

But instead of one to go to when you have nothing better to do like Movie Louvre, this is the website for when you do have something better to do…but have no idea how to do it.

wht1For it is a very useful site called WonderHowTo that’s a fantastic collection of instructional videos about anything you could think of, amazing things you would never think of and stuff that you may wish you would never think of again.

The makers themselves call it the video guide for a curious world and it surely is, from the clever, the practical, the weird, the wonderful, the morally dubious and frankly the downright illegal.

But I hasten to add that WonderHowTo is not in any way a dodgy site itself, it just pulls all the instructional titles freely available on YouTube and 1,700 other websites and simply aggregates everything together.

For example if you want one resource to know how to deliver a baby in an emergency, train your cat to use your toilet, fight off a shark attack or make an excellent Chicken Scalopini you’ve found the right place.

Similarly if you want to know how to build a spy microphone from an old wok, cheat at Blackjack, hack a firewall or to throw a screwdriver like a ninja then you’re also in luck and I take no responsibility whatsoever.

And there’s so much to wander through you could spend hours just watching random and recommended videos but WonderHowTo really proves its worth when you use it for a purpose.

For anything you’ve got to do but unsure how to, check out this site first and you can bet they’ll be plenty of videos showing you the way. Even for the normal stuff like changing a duvet cover you’ll find tips to do it in a fraction of the time.

Although to skew this thing somewhat back to computers, find out how to perform maintenance, safely install programs or improve your skills with Word, Excel or any other utility you use just by searching for and learning from the hundreds of step by step tutorials.

WonderHowTo conveniently makes the searching easy as well because apart from a generic search bar everything is broken down into 35 varied categories and 431 subcategories to help find those things most of interest to you.

And when the categories include ‘Spirituality’, ‘Dance’, ‘Pranks & Cons’ and dare I say even ‘Weapons’ there’s bound to be something for everybody, even the psychotic.

So have a look at WonderHowTo by clicking this link and if nothing else I recommend looking up ways to defend yourself from the psychotics who know about this website.

But you can never know too much can you and if you’ll excuse me, I’ve just noticed yet another video that demands examination under the phenomenal title of ‘Have a Clean Fresh Vagina’

Learning stuff is awesome!


Movie Louvre. Time wasting just became an art form.

Right then, time to get back to some hard hitting investigative journalism.

Let’s talk about doing bugger all.

Because for all of my ideals about bringing you the best of the web, I know that sometimes the greatest joy of the internet is doing absolutely nothing on it.

You think you have a spare few minutes (even if your boss would disagree) and you head over to YouTube to aimlessly but pleasurably watch videos of piano playing cats, talking dogs and an unlucky skateboarder castrating himself on a concrete step.

However I have an alternative for you, one that still uses YouTube content although in a new way so that you’ll still be doing absolutely nothing, but it’ll be absolutely nothing a lot more productively.

Once called Rhadio, it’s now been rebranded as Movie Louvre but despite this ¬†lofty new name ( and it ought to have been called Video Louvre really) it still takes watching online content to frivolous new heights.

movielouvreThe easiest thing to liken it to is a visual jukebox, one where not just a few options are displayed but rather dozens and dozens of invitingly time-wasting little video thumbnails.

And thumbnails that by clicking on them will stack up into their own playlist which conveniently runs all the way through once you press play.

Also it’s a playlist you can share with others or even save for yourself if you like, because Movie Louvre can generate an individual clickable link that you can email and from which you can return to that unique playlist once activated again.

But it’s browsing through random videos which just catch your attention that makes Movie Louvre so compulsive and it even allows you to narrow your search by 16 diverse categories as well, like Comedy, Sports, Music, Entertainment and of course Pets & Animals.

If you like your music though, there is a fantastic facility to look for your favorite bands under the Music Discography category. Enter any artists name in the Movie Louvre search box, it returns with a smart thumbnail list of all their albums and once you click on any it reveals video instances of every track on that album in turn, including live versions.

I love it, and I will unashamedly say I’ve been gorging myself on some Meat Loaf.

Mind you, left to it’s own devices the videos hardly play in something that’s suitably Meat Loaf sized, just a small window in the corner but it’s easy to toggle a full screen view simply by hitting your Esc key. And if that makes them a little grainy you can re-size your own browser window into a more quality friendly display anyway.

And really there isn’t a lot more to explain, you’ll immediately catch on to exactly what Movie Louvre does as soon as your start exploring it

So go on, have a look by clicking on this link and decide for yourself, is Movie Louvre brilliant but pointless or pointless but brilliant?

But please come back here occasionally once you have time for anything else.

A little perspective to your computer life, and your real one.

Y’know, movies can be good for some inspiration but real life is even better.

And how about real life in the shape of a limbless Australian.

I wondered hard about whether to put this video on, but if I was motivated to include some Hollywood heroics on here then I should be by this authentic inspirational figure.

His name is Nick Vujicic, and once you get past his little warm up to the crowd, you’ll see why I came to the decision that I had to add this.

It’s absolutely nothing to do with computers, with his disability he would struggle to use keyboard shortcuts even, but you know he would never give up trying.

A lesson for all of us to follow.

We’ll never win the Ashes back if he’s speaks to the Aussie cricketers though.


40 Inspirational Film Speeches. Watch this video or else!

Alright then, how about we add a little Hollywood to the mix.

Because we’ve all seen those big movie moments when our heroes face impossible odds but then after one stirring speech, with the music swelling in the background, everything changes.

You know, the kind of crescendo that as the credits roll, you’re ready to defeat a million Orcs armed only with some loose change and your car keys.

Well in my quest to bring you the best of the web, I’ve found the Mother, or more precisely the illegitimate offspring, of all those motivational speeches.

In fact it’s a finely selected pik n’ mix of 40 inspirational film speeches carefully spliced together to create a rousing new 2 minute opus.

But the editorial credit goes entirely to a blog site called Overthinking It, one that’s devoted to film & pop culture (and well worth a visit itself) and an author who must have spent dozens of hours putting it together.

Although he did have just the right material to keep him going.

So enjoy it, it’s good, and play it whenever necessary, because my friends sometimes we all need a little motivation like this.

As for myself, it’s time to finish the Christmas shopping and God help any who stand in my way.