A little perspective to your computer life, and your real one.

Y’know, movies can be good for some inspiration but real life is even better.

And how about real life in the shape of a limbless Australian.

I wondered hard about whether to put this video on, but if I was motivated to include some Hollywood heroics on here then I should be by this authentic inspirational figure.

His name is Nick Vujicic, and once you get past his little warm up to the crowd, you’ll see why I came to the decision that I had to add this.

It’s absolutely nothing to do with computers, with his disability he would struggle to use keyboard shortcuts even, but you know he would never give up trying.

A lesson for all of us to follow.

We’ll never win the Ashes back if he’s speaks to the Aussie cricketers though.


40 Inspirational Film Speeches. Watch this video or else!

Alright then, how about we add a little Hollywood to the mix.

Because we’ve all seen those big movie moments when our heroes face impossible odds but then after one stirring speech, with the music swelling in the background, everything changes.

You know, the kind of crescendo that as the credits roll, you’re ready to defeat a million Orcs armed only with some loose change and your car keys.

Well in my quest to bring you the best of the web, I’ve found the Mother, or more precisely the illegitimate offspring, of all those motivational speeches.

In fact it’s a finely selected pik n’ mix of 40 inspirational film speeches carefully spliced together to create a rousing new 2 minute opus.

But the editorial credit goes entirely to a blog site called Overthinking It, one that’s devoted to film & pop culture (and well worth a visit itself) and an author who must have spent dozens of hours putting it together.

Although he did have just the right material to keep him going.

So enjoy it, it’s good, and play it whenever necessary, because my friends sometimes we all need a little motivation like this.

As for myself, it’s time to finish the Christmas shopping and God help any who stand in my way.