Windows 7 – An open letter to Bill Gates.

Hi Bill,

I think it’s about time we had a chat.

Because we haven’t always seen eye to eye have we. I’ve certainly had a few unflattering things to say about your products and you can’t have liked it because you’ve willfully never left a me comment on here.

That’s ok, nobody enjoys criticism and at least you haven’t had me quietly eliminated.

But I stand by everything I’ve said about Internet Explorer 7, it was the easily the least of all modern browsers and as for that piece of crap that was IE6, being a web designer who is still forced to code for that steaming turd of a browser I’ve sometimes thought about putting a hit out on you instead.

And as for Vista, well, it may have been prettier but as an operating system it was a huge backward step after XP. Mind you, I suppose there is always the chance you meant it that way to force people to buy the next version of Windows as well.

Cunning really. I will say this for you Bill, you are clever man at business.

Well, if that was the plan, it worked. Because I have purchased the brand new Windows 7. And I’ve installed it, and I’ve been using it for a week and I have to tell you Bill…I like it.

It’s good, no really it is. It’s quicker, it doesn’t seem to crash and there are even new features like the snapping windows that haven’t even been nicked from a Mac!

Of course it also comes bundled with Internet Explorer 8 which frankly I wasn’t bothered with, but surprise surprise, you now have a browser that I might use occasionally.

Admittedly that’s because you’ve lifted a lot of stuff directly from Firefox, including features I’ve written about but at least it shows you were paying attention.

In fact now I would tell anyone with an older version of Internet Explorer that it would be worthwhile to go to the official IE8 site and download it.

I mean you would know better than I about its improved security and the new features like ‘InPrivate’ browsing, where you can deliberately ask it to ignore your browsing history, otherwise known as ‘PornMode.’

Although I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say you didn’t request that particular feature personally.

So Bill, finally I can say that our relationship is working out now, that perhaps we can be friends after all.

And that if you are ever around my way, you should stop by, I’ve got some ideas we can discuss over a beer or two. My sofa is quite comfy if you feel like crashing out afterwards.

Or if it’s easier, I could always come to your place.

You probably have a larger sofa.