Cooliris – Do you want to see a lot more of Angelina Jolie!?!

We’ve all used Google to look up on the subjects we fancy and admit it folks, Google Images to look up the people we fancy too.

And by itself Google Images does the job but it’s downside is that you can only ogle the 21 pictures they can fit on the screen at once.

(Incidentally, Go ogle Images, coincidence, I think not, it’s practically an instruction)

But if you want to turbo-charge your image search and view more pictures of Angelina Jolie than you can shake a wotsit at, you need a fantastic browser plug-in called Cooliris.

It’s like Google Images on Speed dial…the druggy kind. coolirisa

But what a trip it is, because once you perform the simple download for Cooliris you’ll never search for images the same way again, and it’s dead easy to use.

Because you’ll be able to access Cooliris directly via an icon that sits in your browser or simply search for images on Google as you normally would.

Then once the usual array of thumbnails appear, click the bottom left of any one of them and be instantly transported to the Cooliris 3D Wonderwall of Images.

And now instead of laboriously clicking thru page after page of Angelina pictures, every single one of the 5,000,000 pictures…I know, I’ve done the research, is displayed in a huge floating 3D wall that you can grab with your cursor and fly seamlessly through in a single continuous display of perfect bone structure.

And inside the Cooliris application, just land on any of the images, hit the space bar and it enlarges before your very eyes.

Incidentally fellas, if you are looking at Angelina, just be mindful of what enlarges and what you use to hit the space bar.

Anyhoo, there are so many more features to Cooliris that I could mention but…oh ok, here’s just a few of them :-

  • You can use the integrated search bar for image hunts not just via Google, but also from Yahoo, Flickr and a whole lot more.
  • You can type in your search term and access YouTube videos directly.
  • You can navigate through the images just by using your keyboard arrow buttons.
  • You can go move straight to the webpage that corresponds with each image.
  • Or you can hit the Discover button and leap to random news stories, sports, tv shows, movie trailers and tons of other stuff, all displayed in Cooliris 3D panoramic glory.

Frankly, it is THE most eye catching browser plug in you can imagine.

But don’t just take my word for it, go to the Cooliris site and see it for yourself.

You don’t only have to use it for Angelina you know.