Only2Clicks, only the best Bookmark Manager out there.

Bookmarks, or favorites if you prefer, are great aren’t they.

You find a website that you like and you add it as a bookmark so that it’s easy to find again, what could be simpler?

Well quite a lot, because once you’ve built up a collection of bookmarks and a dozen folders for the buggers, there’s every chance that any new one will just get lost amongst them and you’ll soon forget that you added it at all.

But now there is a solution, it’s called Only2Clicks, it’s free, it’s instant and it’s a visual means to ensure all of your important bookmarks are never more than 2 clicks away.

Because Only2Clicks is a website, and after you sign up, it’s a website where the only true essential content is your own bookmarks.


The Only2Clicks interface

The Only2Clicks interface

And it’s one that you can control, adding bookmarks, deleting them, organizing them in any way you like but none of them…or the linked websites, are ever more than 2 clicks away.

It’s all done via a simple visual interface which displays picture thumbnails of your bookmarks (that are automatically generated by Only2Clicks) and one where you can simply create fresh tabs or categories, which are effectively new webpages, to add even more favorites.

But it’s the visual nature of the interface which makes Only2Clicks a pleasure to use.

Because it makes selection a breeze and it visually reminds you of why you chose to bookmark that site in the first place.

Now then with all that said, you may want to adjust certain settings. Like opening a clicked thumbnail into a new tab and adding aspecial custom bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar to import new ones directly, but it’s easily done and the site explains how to do that.

Oh and while you’re tweaking some settings, it’s a marvelous idea to make Only2Clicks your Home page, to have access to all that  re-direct simplicity as soon your browser opens.

But there is one last thing HUGE feature to mention about Only2Clicks, and this is automatic folks, is that since you register for it , even if you’re not on your own computer you simply log in at the official site to get immediate access to your own interface of bookmarks on ANY browser, using ANY computer, from ANYWHERE in the WORLD!

As I say, just like your own website.

So which is better, scanning dozens of tiny bookmarks from your menu bar or Only2Clicks?

There’s Only1Way to find out.


No seriously, it’s way better, get it here