I’m a PC and I don’t use Internet Explorer.

When you’re a web designer and you use a browser as your interactive canvas all day, you can sometimes forget that not everybody is as familiar with them.

And previously when I touched upon the bookmarklets feature in Firefox, it appears that some people don’t know that browsers apart from Internet Explorer even exist, let alone that they’re free and simple to download.

So, since I would be remiss in my mission to bring you the best of the web without talking about the best web browser, I’d better do so.

Because we all know of Microsoft’s monopoly of the PC market with Windows and because of that they are powerful enough to insist only their browser, Internet Explorer, is pre-installed on every new machine.

And admittedly it does what it’s supposed to so most people simply stick with it, either oblivious to or apathetic about the other browsers that are available.

The Firefox Logo

The Firefox Logo

Browser’s such as Safari from Apple, Chrome from Google and Opera.

However, regardless of the merits of those I’ve just mentioned, the alternative of choice for most people and making it the World’s second most used browser, is Firefox.

But is it really worth making the switch to you may ask, does it actually make that much of a difference whatever browser you use.?

Well given Firefox now has almost 30% of the market share and Mozilla, the non-for-profit organization behind it, don’t spend any money on promotion so growth is all due to goodwill and word of mouth, that’s means an awful lot of people really must think Firefox is the better browsing experience.

That is if you define better as faster loading, more secure, more stable, more feature rich, with more available plug-ins and just plum more user friendly, as I and millions of other satisfied users obviously do.

Think of it like this, as the difference between a ‘Be Good To Yourself’ meal and an Own Brand ‘Value Meal’.

Both fulfil the same need but one is leaner, easier to digest, has finer ingredients to it and is an altogether more satisfying experience.

The other one is Internet Explorer.

I really do wholeheartedly recommend the swap if you haven’t already, not least because I’m sure I will be talking about Firefox only cool stuff in the future.

So in readiness, and more importantly to savour the tasty goodness of Firefox for yourself, click here