BasketBuster. Online shopping vouchers the easy way.

How would you like to be at the start of the the next big thing when it comes to saving money online?

To have immediate and easy access to voucher codes for hundreds of shopping websites, including many of the biggest like Amazon, all at the click of a button on your browser.

To be in fact, pioneers of an application that could soon be adopted by millions, but is still so brand new that I’m the first to write about it.

Well now’s your chance, but you won’t just be doing yourself a huge favour, you’ll be doing me one as well.

Because the reason I am the first to write about this hopefully soon to be ubiquitous application, a new browser add-on called BasketBuster, is that I’ve actually been involved in its development.

Only with some graphics and web design admittedly, not with the really clever background stuff but nevertheless I think it’s a great concept and it can’t fail to be a success.

But what makes BasketBuster so good then?

Well, it’s the easiest way to save money online with voucher codes yet.

That’s because you don’t have to go looking for those elusive codes yourself, with the BasketBuster browser add-on installed you can instantly see if a site has any special voucher offers thanks to a new colour coded icon right next to your address bar.

If it’s green then you’re in luck, there are voucher codes available…and it will even tell you of any competitor offers as well. If it’s amber the site you’re on doesn’t have any codes but BasketBuster will tell you of those other sites that do. And with a red icon, frankly you can forget about any offers, there are none.

But hey, at least you know you’re not losing out and you needn’t bother wasting time searching for non-existent voucher codes.

Although that’s just half of it, because if you do get a green or amber light you are clear just to click on the very same icon and a sidebar will now slide out to give you all of the available offers and those valuable codes.

It couldn’t really be any easier and how can BasketBuster not succeed when it’s free and it’s all about saving you money.

Although when I say you’d be pioneers of this new revolution of online saving I meant it because BasketBuster is actually yet to be officially launched.

Only a very select few have it so far and you need a username and password to download it.

But I can now exclusively reveal that the abracadbra to open those BasketBuster doors to easier online voucher codes than ever before is the username save and the password money.

So go to the official BasketBuster website, the one I’ve been having a hand in, and when it comes to downloading the browser add on, so far it’s only the Firefox version that is currently working. The Internet Explorer one will be coming soon.

It’s all safe to use however, totally spyware and malware free and if you only shop infrequently anyway, it just sits quietly and obediently in the background until you decide to activate it.

But if you still need a little convincing about BasketBuster, about how easily it could save you money and how cool it will be when it’s properly unleashed on the World, here is a little video created to explain it in just 1 minute 25 seconds.

Remember though, you read about it here first.


CoolPreviews. The best Firefox plug-in ever?

Ok then, how would you like to see what a webpage looks like behind a link BEFORE you click it?

Alright, you’ve probably never thought about it but hold onto your clicking finger folks because I’m about to explain how you can do exactly that and so turbo-charge your web surfing.

For the topic of my humble scribblings this time is a brilliant Firefox browser plug-in called CoolPreviews, a kind of picture in picture for your web surfing.

One that opens a new window within your present one simply by hovering over a website link, that’s ANY link on ANY page. And when you do open that window, it’s not just for a passive snapshot of a webpage, it’s to interact with that site just as you normally would.

And the point of that is :

  • On Google, no more going back and forth from all those search results, now you can preview each one while staying on Google.
  • On YouTube, no trawling to a new page, just hover over a thumbnail and watch any video in its own window.
  • On sites like Amazon, you can shop twice as fast by shopping in two windows, you could say it’s window in window shopping.
  • On News sites you could read about both sides of the story at once.
  • On any intriguing link in fact you can lazily preview it without leaving the site you’re on.
  • And if your feeling reluctant to click a potentially dodgy link, see where it would lead by safely hovering over it…and therefore not activating the nastiness it could harbour.

But there’s also more to it, too much to explain here but notably a handy bookmarking feature called Stacks, so this time I’m including a handy video explanation/tutorial for CoolPreviews by its makers, the same team behind Cooliris (the topic of my first ever post on here)

It showcases a slightly older version of CoolPreviews, but it does explain most of what you need to know, although make sure you check out the preferences options on your own should you download it.

Because I tell you, I’ve been using CoolPreviews for months and it’s revolutionized the way I’ve surfed the web and while I know I’ve eulogised about other Firefox plug-ins…and I’m sure I will about many more, if you ever only download one, make this it.

You can do so by CoolPreviews website.

CoolPreviews, your window to a brand new way of web surfing.

Cooliris – Do you want to see a lot more of Angelina Jolie!?!

We’ve all used Google to look up on the subjects we fancy and admit it folks, Google Images to look up the people we fancy too.

And by itself Google Images does the job but it’s downside is that you can only ogle the 21 pictures they can fit on the screen at once.

(Incidentally, Go ogle Images, coincidence, I think not, it’s practically an instruction)

But if you want to turbo-charge your image search and view more pictures of Angelina Jolie than you can shake a wotsit at, you need a fantastic browser plug-in called Cooliris.

It’s like Google Images on Speed dial…the druggy kind. coolirisa

But what a trip it is, because once you perform the simple download for Cooliris you’ll never search for images the same way again, and it’s dead easy to use.

Because you’ll be able to access Cooliris directly via an icon that sits in your browser or simply search for images on Google as you normally would.

Then once the usual array of thumbnails appear, click the bottom left of any one of them and be instantly transported to the Cooliris 3D Wonderwall of Images.

And now instead of laboriously clicking thru page after page of Angelina pictures, every single one of the 5,000,000 pictures…I know, I’ve done the research, is displayed in a huge floating 3D wall that you can grab with your cursor and fly seamlessly through in a single continuous display of perfect bone structure.

And inside the Cooliris application, just land on any of the images, hit the space bar and it enlarges before your very eyes.

Incidentally fellas, if you are looking at Angelina, just be mindful of what enlarges and what you use to hit the space bar.

Anyhoo, there are so many more features to Cooliris that I could mention but…oh ok, here’s just a few of them :-

  • You can use the integrated search bar for image hunts not just via Google, but also from Yahoo, Flickr and a whole lot more.
  • You can type in your search term and access YouTube videos directly.
  • You can navigate through the images just by using your keyboard arrow buttons.
  • You can go move straight to the webpage that corresponds with each image.
  • Or you can hit the Discover button and leap to random news stories, sports, tv shows, movie trailers and tons of other stuff, all displayed in Cooliris 3D panoramic glory.

Frankly, it is THE most eye catching browser plug in you can imagine.

But don’t just take my word for it, go to the Cooliris site and see it for yourself.

You don’t only have to use it for Angelina you know.