BasketBuster. Online shopping vouchers the easy way.

How would you like to be at the start of the the next big thing when it comes to saving money online?

To have immediate and easy access to voucher codes for hundreds of shopping websites, including many of the biggest like Amazon, all at the click of a button on your browser.

To be in fact, pioneers of an application that could soon be adopted by millions, but is still so brand new that I’m the first to write about it.

Well now’s your chance, but you won’t just be doing yourself a huge favour, you’ll be doing me one as well.

Because the reason I am the first to write about this hopefully soon to be ubiquitous application, a new browser add-on called BasketBuster, is that I’ve actually been involved in its development.

Only with some graphics and web design admittedly, not with the really clever background stuff but nevertheless I think it’s a great concept and it can’t fail to be a success.

But what makes BasketBuster so good then?

Well, it’s the easiest way to save money online with voucher codes yet.

That’s because you don’t have to go looking for those elusive codes yourself, with the BasketBuster browser add-on installed you can instantly see if a site has any special voucher offers thanks to a new colour coded icon right next to your address bar.

If it’s green then you’re in luck, there are voucher codes available…and it will even tell you of any competitor offers as well. If it’s amber the site you’re on doesn’t have any codes but BasketBuster will tell you of those other sites that do. And with a red icon, frankly you can forget about any offers, there are none.

But hey, at least you know you’re not losing out and you needn’t bother wasting time searching for non-existent voucher codes.

Although that’s just half of it, because if you do get a green or amber light you are clear just to click on the very same icon and a sidebar will now slide out to give you all of the available offers and those valuable codes.

It couldn’t really be any easier and how can BasketBuster not succeed when it’s free and it’s all about saving you money.

Although when I say you’d be pioneers of this new revolution of online saving I meant it because BasketBuster is actually yet to be officially launched.

Only a very select few have it so far and you need a username and password to download it.

But I can now exclusively reveal that the abracadbra to open those BasketBuster doors to easier online voucher codes than ever before is the username save and the password money.

So go to the official BasketBuster website, the one I’ve been having a hand in, and when it comes to downloading the browser add on, so far it’s only the Firefox version that is currently working. The Internet Explorer one will be coming soon.

It’s all safe to use however, totally spyware and malware free and if you only shop infrequently anyway, it just sits quietly and obediently in the background until you decide to activate it.

But if you still need a little convincing about BasketBuster, about how easily it could save you money and how cool it will be when it’s properly unleashed on the World, here is a little video created to explain it in just 1 minute 25 seconds.

Remember though, you read about it here first.



Google…not everything is the latest technology.

Those people at Google think of everything.

Because what do you do for the Street View feature on Google Maps when the streets in question are too narrow to send the Street View Camera Van down?

Obviously you pimp out a tricycle instead.

Witness these photos I took while on holiday in Italy recently.

And far from feeling my privacy invaded because I’d been caught on their camera, I followed the thing 50 yards to make sure my civil rights had been violated.

So in a short while, should you be using Street View at the junction of Piazza San Elena and Vico di San Cristoforo in Genoa, the only thing I will feel compromised by is how stupidly excited I might appear and how white my legs will look in shorts.



With friends like these who need enemas.

A bit more behind the scenes stuff for you again.

Because no sooner have I explained how Mr Clive Owen unexpectedly helped to increase my Blog hits, than I have the tale of an equally unlikely reason that people are visiting here.

A reason that if you’d have told me beforehand, I would have told you to butt out, that you were talking out of your arse, that you were full of crap and actually, I would have been right.

For the new reason of this blogs increasing popularity is, and I can barely believe I’m writing this, the new reason is…enemas.

Or to be slightly more precise, DIY enemas. Yes indeed folks, there are people specifically coming to this blog to stick a hose up their harris.

Not that I mind, I’ve been linked with the extraction of bodily waste before this, and it doesn’t matter to me how people are being drawn here as long as they are. But why would they be arriving here looking for enemas?

Well, it seems that I have the inadvertent help of Google to be thankful for again. Not for the new Google Alerts service I spoke of previously but with the old, type it in yourself and see what comes up method. Or perhaps for these folk, what comes out.

Because courtesy of a post that I wrote on here called ‘How To Perform a DIY Enema and Other Essential Knowledge‘, that is totally enema unrelated apart from its title, it seems that I am starting to rank very highly on Google for people who actually do want to perform DIY Enemas.

Not that I’m quite public enema No. 1 just yet, but I am certainly in the Top 10.

Have a look yourself. Crack open Google, insert ‘DIY Enemas’, examine the contents and how about that, on Page 1, you’ll find this blog.

Mmm, putting it like that, perhaps I should be offended.

But anyway, as surprised as I am for this new flush of visitors, anybody who followed that link – and the technical stuff behind this blog tells me dozens have, they will be just as surprised to discover that this is not an amateur proctology blog.

Nevertheless, to any of the new arrivals who are here prior to shoving tubing up your back passage, I’m still delighted you stopped by.

Although I’ll be honest, when I thought I’d be showing people how to defrag their system, I did have something else in mind.

Google Alerts. How Clive Owen made me a very happy man.

It’s a funny thing this blogging lark.

I toil away with every post, beads of creative perspiration dotted on my brow each time as I try to educate and amuse in equal measure and I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been lucky if I got 10 people a week come visit me.

But that’s ok, there’s a million Blogs out there and why should I think mine deserves any special attention, even if it clearly should.

Something happened with my last post though, something that suddenly sent my hits through the roof, well, the roof of a modest bungalow anyway.

And the thing that did it, the sole reason that propelled my visitors roofwards was all down to one happy accident…I mentioned Clive Owen.

Clive Owen, famous British actor and handsome bugger.

Now I like Mr Owen, he isn’t my type but when I needed a name to illustrate a point about someone appealing to women he obviously fitted the bill. Plus it was somehow funnier and not much longer to type than Brad Pitt.

And at the time I didn’t give it another thought it but I obviously underestimated how much our Clive does appeal to the ladies. Because within hours I could see that my hits had mysteriously shot up, and with the marvelous background wizardry they include with these Blogs I could even pinpoint the source.

That source being a Clive Owen fansite. A site that had somehow found my Top 10 Reasons You Need a New Web Designer post, saw Reason No. 4 which name-checked the man, liked it, borrowed it for themselves, but since they enjoyed the rest of the list did the nice thing of linking back to me as the author.

Now given that extra visitors are exactly what I need, and that this was the first other site to link to mine, I was very happy for the recognition.

But it did beg the question, how the hell did they find me in the first place, and so quickly?

Well, I discovered that like a lot of things on the web it came courtesy of Google, but not in the usual search engine way, oh no, and this is where I do get to my point dear reader, it was actually because of a entirely new and different kind of service called Google Alerts.

A kind of pre-ordering your favorite search terms by telling Google just the once about a topic of interest and then relaxing as they keep the results coming back to you with daily, weekly or ‘as it happens’ updates via email.

And it’s easy done, just fill in a simple 4 part form field, and from then on, any reference of Clive Owen for instance will come to you rather than you going to it. Plus you can have any number of different Google Alerts stacked up and sent to you.

As an example, I’ve now asked Google Alerts to let me know whenever there’s a mention of my web design company or this Blog. Or you might use it to receive news of your favorite Football team, or to find particular job vacancies in your area, or just like my new friend Lessy37 at Clive Owen_Daily follow every new reference of your favorite film star.

And when you think she found me by the merest mention of Clive Owen, that’s some powerful searching that Google Alerts is doing on your behalf, how long would it take on a regular Google search to find that?

But to find out out how efficient it could be for you as well, just click this link to Google Alerts.

Anyway, my thanks goes to Lessy, all the visitors from her fansite who followed that link back to me, the other Clive Owen sites who found me from Lessy finding me, and for her alerting me to Google Alerts.

Now all I need, since I also mentioned Spider-Man and Harry Potter in that Top 10 list, is for Marvel Comics and Hogwarts to link to me too.