We7, now have an advert break from the advert break.

If you’ve been paying attention since the second post I ever wrote on here you may already know about a website called We7.

But since only my wife and our cat have been around all that time you could perhaps have a look at my enthusiastic review of the thing by clicking this link to it.

But if you must know, without referring to my purple prose, We7 is a free music site. A free music site that has millions of whole tracks and complete albums to listen to online totally legally.

And the reason it’s all free, and this is the only minor downside, is that between this musical bonanza are very short adverts which generate the income so that We7 can provide such a service at all.

But now you don’t even have to suffer that tiny inconvenience, because you can enjoy the double delight of having the free music and having it advert free for a whole month as well!

That is if you know how to and fortunately I do.

I can’t claim any secret knowledge though as it’s actually courtesy of a promotion that We7 have with the Daily Star newspaper, but since they always say no purchase is necessary I thought I’d giveaway the details here too.

So go to this address we7.com/go/dailystar and if you’re already a member log in on that page, or if not complete the short registration form, then in the box for the Special Promotional Code add this not very secret code 52GWNSW8HB7B.

I have and it works but since I’m not sure how long it will work for, you’d better go and do it now hadn’t you.

4 thoughts on “We7, now have an advert break from the advert break.

  1. Thanks Glenn, have been using We7 ever since you mentioned it and it really is a brilliant site. And without the ads for a while will be even cooler. I even bought an album through them not so long ago. It is a bit embarrassing although Gary, Howard, Jason and sweet little Mark will be thrilled I’m sure!:)

  2. They probably are, although I bet Robbie wouldn’t be so pleased.
    And don’t be embarrassed, it’s actual uncool not to like the boys these days you know.

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