With friends like these who need enemas.

A bit more behind the scenes stuff for you again.

Because no sooner have I explained how Mr Clive Owen unexpectedly helped to increase my Blog hits, than I have the tale of an equally unlikely reason that people are visiting here.

A reason that if you’d have told me beforehand, I would have told you to butt out, that you were talking out of your arse, that you were full of crap and actually, I would have been right.

For the new reason of this blogs increasing popularity is, and I can barely believe I’m writing this, the new reason is…enemas.

Or to be slightly more precise, DIY enemas. Yes indeed folks, there are people specifically coming to this blog to stick a hose up their harris.

Not that I mind, I’ve been linked with the extraction of bodily waste before this, and it doesn’t matter to me how people are being drawn here as long as they are. But why would they be arriving here looking for enemas?

Well, it seems that I have the inadvertent help of Google to be thankful for again. Not for the new Google Alerts service I spoke of previously but with the old, type it in yourself and see what comes up method. Or perhaps for these folk, what comes out.

Because courtesy of a post that I wrote on here called ‘How To Perform a DIY Enema and Other Essential Knowledge‘, that is totally enema unrelated apart from its title, it seems that I am starting to rank very highly on Google for people who actually do want to perform DIY Enemas.

Not that I’m quite public enema No. 1 just yet, but I am certainly in the Top 10.

Have a look yourself. Crack open Google, insert ‘DIY Enemas’, examine the contents and how about that, on Page 1, you’ll find this blog.

Mmm, putting it like that, perhaps I should be offended.

But anyway, as surprised as I am for this new flush of visitors, anybody who followed that link – and the technical stuff behind this blog tells me dozens have, they will be just as surprised to discover that this is not an amateur proctology blog.

Nevertheless, to any of the new arrivals who are here prior to shoving tubing up your back passage, I’m still delighted you stopped by.

Although I’ll be honest, when I thought I’d be showing people how to defrag their system, I did have something else in mind.

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