From the Back Button, to the future.

Right then, previously I’ve been banging on about how you should abandon Internet Explorer as your web browser and instead embrace the far superior Firefox to your web surfing bosom.

And now my friends, if you have heeded my advice, it’s time to add some mighty implants to that bosom.

Because Firefox isn’t just better because it’s faster and more secure than Internet Explorer, it’s also better because of all the fantastic free add-ons that you can download to seamlessly plug into it.

Yes, I’m aware that Internet Explorer has add-ons of its own and that some like Cooliris are available for both. But there are so many more available for Firefox because as an open source browser anybody is free to create them and thankfully there are some very clever and generous developers out there.

To see all of these glorious chest puffing enhancements you can click this link to the Mozilla Firefox add-on centre.

And once there you will find myriad categories, lists of the most popular and user reviews for 1000’s of these add-ons, from those that further improve the security of your browsing, add increased functionality or that just give Firefox a funky makeover.

I’ve got about 12 of those add-ons installed into Firefox myself and you should simply see what appeals to you. (Later, to manage any ones you do download just go to the menu bar, select Tools and then Add-ons.)

However one that you may not find immediately, but definitely one of my favourites, is called FireGestures.

Because how often have you thought it’s such a laborious chore to move your cursor to the back button when you’ve wanted to return to a webpage.

Ok, probably never but you will do after trying FireGestures because you won’t ever need to use the Back Button again. What you will need is a mouse though, so if you’re on a laptop using only a touchpad you will be out of luck with this one.

But with a mouse all you need to perform actions using FireGestures is to hold the right button down and move the mouse. In the case of going back a page it’s holding the right button down and slightly flicking your mouse to the left or to go forward again, flicking it to the right.

And that’s all, but it makes going backwards and forwards in your web pages somehow gleefully satisfying not to mention a whole lot quicker.

Actually FireGestures has more than 70 built in actions to do all sorts of things within Firefox, like open a new tab, close tabs and increase text size but if you only keep it simple and just use the two I’ve mentioned you will still love its convenience.

Trust me on this, download FireGestures and you’ll back me up that you’ll never go back to going back to the Back Button again.


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