Movie Louvre. Time wasting just became an art form.

Right then, time to get back to some hard hitting investigative journalism.

Let’s talk about doing bugger all.

Because for all of my ideals about bringing you the best of the web, I know that sometimes the greatest joy of the internet is doing absolutely nothing on it.

You think you have a spare few minutes (even if your boss would disagree) and you head over to YouTube to aimlessly but pleasurably watch videos of piano playing cats, talking dogs and an unlucky skateboarder castrating himself on a concrete step.

However I have an alternative for you, one that still uses YouTube content although in a new way so that you’ll still be doing absolutely nothing, but it’ll be absolutely nothing a lot more productively.

Once called Rhadio, it’s now been rebranded as Movie Louvre but despite this  lofty new name ( and it ought to have been called Video Louvre really) it still takes watching online content to frivolous new heights.

movielouvreThe easiest thing to liken it to is a visual jukebox, one where not just a few options are displayed but rather dozens and dozens of invitingly time-wasting little video thumbnails.

And thumbnails that by clicking on them will stack up into their own playlist which conveniently runs all the way through once you press play.

Also it’s a playlist you can share with others or even save for yourself if you like, because Movie Louvre can generate an individual clickable link that you can email and from which you can return to that unique playlist once activated again.

But it’s browsing through random videos which just catch your attention that makes Movie Louvre so compulsive and it even allows you to narrow your search by 16 diverse categories as well, like Comedy, Sports, Music, Entertainment and of course Pets & Animals.

If you like your music though, there is a fantastic facility to look for your favorite bands under the Music Discography category. Enter any artists name in the Movie Louvre search box, it returns with a smart thumbnail list of all their albums and once you click on any it reveals video instances of every track on that album in turn, including live versions.

I love it, and I will unashamedly say I’ve been gorging myself on some Meat Loaf.

Mind you, left to it’s own devices the videos hardly play in something that’s suitably Meat Loaf sized, just a small window in the corner but it’s easy to toggle a full screen view simply by hitting your Esc key. And if that makes them a little grainy you can re-size your own browser window into a more quality friendly display anyway.

And really there isn’t a lot more to explain, you’ll immediately catch on to exactly what Movie Louvre does as soon as your start exploring it

So go on, have a look by clicking on this link and decide for yourself, is Movie Louvre brilliant but pointless or pointless but brilliant?

But please come back here occasionally once you have time for anything else.


8 thoughts on “Movie Louvre. Time wasting just became an art form.

  1. Glenn, thank you for the great review, and taking the time to let me know about it. I’m very happy to hear that at least one other person is enjoying the site 🙂

    If you’re interested, I keep a list of all my projects at



  2. My pleasure Jim,
    For everybody else, if you have look at Rhadio’s ‘About’ page you”ll see that the whole thing is brilliantly the creation of just one man, namely Jim.
    And since Rhadio hasn’t really received a lot of publicity yet, something that surely has to change soon, I thought to email him about my review and my appreciation of it.
    Mind you Jim, you may be the victim of your own success. For instance if Rhadio wasn’t so wickedly compulsive, I would have finished my review days ago.

  3. Hi Glenn, I clicked on your link to Rhadio this morning and immediately lost 45 minutes of my life that I will never get back again! And then I bookmarked it as I can see I’ll be losing a lot more of my life to it. What a clever idea! It’s a Disneyland for YouTube fans. Love it, love it, love it!

  4. I know, if I didn’t think it was so good, I would consider it a force for evil.
    But I’m very glad I’ve converted someone else into a Rhadiohead.
    A term I am hereby copywriting. But Jim, you can steal it with my blessing.

  5. Mmm, I finally get onto the computer and now I see what my husband gets up to under the guise of work, watching videos all day.
    Although I must admit it is very good, and your keyboard shortcuts article was interesting as well.

  6. Crap, I’ve been rumbled, it’s the Mrs.
    I promise you my dear, it’s all in the name of research.
    Oh who am I kidding, she knows me too well folks.

  7. Ha – perhaps my next move should be to put up a disclaimer absolving me from any marital rifts caused by repeated use of Rhadio.

  8. Welcome back Jim,
    You know, I think you should put up disclaimers.
    If someone cited Rhadio as the cause of marital abandonment in a divorce, you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.
    Or afterwards, a pot to pee in either.

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