Ahem, could I interest you in a free music voucher?

Who wants a free music voucher then eh?

Because it just so happens that I have some to give away, courtesy of my new friend Mr Steve Pardham, the CEO of We7.

That’s right, ever since his comments about my review of WE7, THE GREAT FREE MUSIC SITE*, we’ve also swapped emails and he has generously offered ten £2.50 vouchers codes for me to give away to you my loyal readers.

(*Yes, We7 is a great free music site to listen to on your computer, but to download tracks requires payment, which is where the £2.50 credit comes in. If you don’t know about the many joys of We7 yet, find out by clicking this link)

Anyway, blessedly he is that impressed with my little effort here that he’s helping me to promote myself the old fashioned way, by bribery.

However for me to give you your £2.50 voucher code you have to do two things first…

  1. You have to be registered with We7, but it’s very quick to do and as I keep telling you, IT’S A FREE MUSIC SITE!
  2. You have to leave a comment for me.

Preferably of course with feedback about stuff you like or found useful from this humble blog but I don’t mind anything you have to say. You could just tell me what star sign you are or about a nasty rash you have, I simply want to build a sense of community here.

That is so we all get to know who’s visiting and perhaps for that matter, who we should avoid physical contact with.

But once you add your comment, by either clicking where it says Comments or No Comments below a subject, it also provides me, and only me, your email address and I can privately send you your voucher code.

And don’t worry, I promise there wont be any follow ups with great deals on Viagra or penile enhancement devices, I’m keeping them all for myself.

I may need them for the Russian women who are apparently dying to meet me.

So what are you waiting for, get commenting, it’s first come first served for the vouchers.

You can put ointment on your rash afterwards.


5 thoughts on “Ahem, could I interest you in a free music voucher?

  1. Hey Glenn, I’ve already left a comment, can I have a voucher please? And for the record I’m a Pisces and I definitely have no nasty rash.

  2. Well I’ve registered for the free music, the kids are going to love it. You didn’t mention what nasty rash you had Glenn. I do suffer with heat rash but that’s not going to occur as it’s too bloody cold.

  3. Hi Dee,
    Welcome aboard and no rashes on me I promise. The only anatomical areas prone to blushing on me are my cheeks. A voucher for you or the kids is on it’s way.

  4. Hi Glenn,
    We7 is really good as it has most songs on there.
    I also like all the unsigned acts.
    Please could you send me a voucher.

  5. Hi Kristian,
    I wish I could send you a voucher but I wrote this piece in January and unfortunately the vouchers expired at the end of June.
    I did know about that but it slipped my mind until just into July so 8 of the buggers actually went to waste.
    But thanks for stopping by and yes I like We7 too.
    Spotify is the one getting all the press…and you should check that out if you haven’t already, but there is music on We7 you can’t get on Spotify.
    Take Pink Floyd for instance, all of their albums are on We7, not a single one on Spotify.
    It may not be what you’re into, but it keeps me coming back to We7 at least.
    And I hope that you might come back here occasionally as well.

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