No, this isn’t a specialist Firefox and Bookmark Blog but…

I’ve been asked a very pertinent question from someone who has seen the light and swapped browsers to Firefox but wanted to know…

“How do I transfer my old Internet Explorer Favourites to Firefox?”

In fact it’s very easy, especially when you initially download Firefox because a dialog box will ask if you want to do that very thing, and you say yes.

If you already have Firefox without your old IE favorites though, it’s just as simply done.

Go to the menu bar at the top of Firefox, click File and then Import, at which point a dialog box will spring up with the browser(s) you have already.

Make sure Internet Explorer is selected, click Next and another box with options including Browsing History, Cookies and Favourites will appear, simply choose the ones you want to import into Firefox and confirm.

Wait a few seconds and everything from your old life on IE is magically transferred.

Now I could explain a method in IE that you can later transfer any new Firefox bookmarks back there as well, but it’s not as straightforward, I’ve got the dinner on and frankly I don’t have the time.

Call it tough love, and anyway, the whole point is that you don’t need IE any more, do you?

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