I have a comment for you, and it’s not even mine.

Bloody hell, I’ve arrived!

Because when the CEO of one of the sites you’ve reviewed writes to thank you for it, you can’t help but feel you’re doing something right.

Oh yes, Mr Steve Purdham who is the top man at We7, has personally come to my Blog to read my enthusiasm for his site and left his own comment to me.


And I don’t know if I’m more excited by the fact it was him or that I’ve had my very first comment.

Now I know how Kate Winslet felt when she picked up her 2 Golden Globes, although I’ve always thought she had a fine pair of them already.

Must have been Bafta’s I was thinking of.

Anyway, to read our little discourse, and all about the fabulous We7 site, you can click on this here link.

In fact the good times really are rolling here.

I’ve had my first comments, my analytics tell me I’ve also had my first referral from a search engine, and yesterday I had 8 people look at my Blog.

Yes a whole 8, it’s the big time now baby.

It can’t be long before I have advertisers clamouring for screenspace and Yahoo and Google fighting over me for ownership.

Fear not though, my impartiality, my integrity, and my mission to scour the best of the web so that you don’t have to, shall remain undiminished* (*Subject to large wads of cash)

And I’d like you to be part of it, because now you’ve seen someone else do it I encourage anyone so inclined to leave a comment of their own, you don’t have to be a high flying executive, and all would be equally appreciated.

I may not create a whole new post about what you write but if Bill Gates ever leaves one defending Internet Explorer I will do the following :-

A) Bring it to your attention.

B) Be crapping myself.

2 thoughts on “I have a comment for you, and it’s not even mine.

  1. Hi Glenn, many thanks for the tip regarding importing stuff from Internet Explorer to Firefox. After working together on the FABULOUS new Affinity website that you created for me (yes, I am still SO excited by it’s gorgeousness and especially the feedback and increased business from new and existing clients!) you will be in no doubt, however, that I am bit of a technophobe and not very web-savvy. But the accessibility of your blog – and laugh-out-loud comments – keep me coming back for more. I loved the We7 site when you posted about it, and since getting an iPod for Xmas I really “get” it now and will give it as much attention, if not more, as iTunes. especially as you can listen to whole tracks before you buy instead of just the snippets on iTunes. And browsers. If nothing else, will be worth switching to Firefox to see you take on Bill Gates. Love a good fight! 🙂

  2. Ah Deb,
    Thank you for your fulsome praise, and of course since you’re a customer of mine, I’m forced to agree with you.
    Yes folks, I designed a website for Debbie who is a health and beauty therapist, and if you are so inclined, you can see the source of her enthusiasm at http://www.affinityhealthandbeauty.co.uk. And if you happen to live in Northampton and want to treat yourself, I promise you would be as enthusiastic about her back massages.
    I’m not so sure about taking on Bill Gates though, he’s far more familiar with multi-million dollar law suits than I am. Although, since you’ve got to say that he’s the intelligent type, he would know all the evidence is on my side.
    Anyway Deb, keep reading and enjoying. Without the web challenged, I would have nobody to write for.

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