Dropbox. Sharing files between computers the easy way.

This time I want to talk about a fantastic web application for anybody who, like me, has to work between multiple computers. And even if you don’t, you’ll still find it useful so keep reading.

It’s a FREE application called Dropbox, I use it practically every single day and I’m telling you right now, it’s a total bloody Godsend.

Because the problem with using different computers is sharing the files you create between them, a headache made into a thumping migraine if they are in different locations as well.

The typical answer is to transfer files to a USB memory stick and cart it to the next computer.

The DropBox Web Interface

My Dropbox Web Interface

But the beauty of Dropbox is that it does the same thing a lot easier, in effect it’s a virtual memory stick but with bells on.

Think of it like one normal folder that you share between multiple computers, wherever they are, and have easy access to any of its files.

And thinking bigger still, if you work as part of a team, one that your colleagues can use and contribute to as well.

The simplest way to explain Dropbox is to tell you how it works for me, someone who uses 3 computers, a PC, a Mac and a laptap.

For each I’ve included the free Dropbox software which allows an initial but still generous 2GB’s of storage on their free account. (You can upgrade for more if you wish, but you have to pay)

Now to share anything I create on one machine, I just open the Dropbox folder using it’s own smart little icon in the toolbar, and drag and drop the file.

Then the new file inside Dropbox simply gets synchronized to the other computers linked to my account, with success being indicated by a reassuring big green tick.

After which when I use one of my other computers, I just open the Dropbox folder on that machine and voila, there’s my new file.

And it’s a transfer process that easily beats the time it takes to move files to a memory stick because it only includes new additions.

For instance if you’ve updated a file Dropbox already recognises then it only updates those changes, the new complete file is there but you can even go back and access any previous versions as well.

You do this from the separate associated web application to Dropbox, which you don’t have to use but is easily accessed and displayed in a simple interface.

And that’s the thing, the nice folks behind Dropbox have created it to be as worry free and as simple as possible.

It’s actually easier to use than to explain.

There’s a sampler video you can watch on their website that does a good job though.

To see it and get this great application for yourself, use this referral link to go to the Dropbox website. If you do, I get an extra 250mb of space automatically added to my account…and more to the point for you, you do as well. In fact by referring various friends to Dropbox, you can earn up to an extra 6GB’s of space.

But all that aside, even if you don’t use multiple computers, just think of Dropbox as a secure and remote backup for all your most important files. A free virtual USB memory stick that you can’t lose.

Perhaps I should tell the Civil Service.


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